Now the invention of Laptop has made our work much easier as we could do our work and stay connected from any part of the globe until and unless there is coverage of Internet, specially Wi-Fi Network and using Wi-Fi network has freed us from using any wired connection for Internet as the Invention of radio wave has made the Wi-Fi connection wireless.

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Every Laptop comes up with an inbuilt Wi-Fi driver which will let you use Wi-Fi and you will not have to add any external hardware in order get Wi-Fi connection on your Laptop. Now generally Laptop has more capacity to catch of those wireless network then any of your Phones but in some of the cases even you’re Laptop might not be able to get any strong networks for Wi-Fi and that is when you can follow the guide given below to increase strength & boost your Wi-Fi Signal on your Laptop.

Steps You Can Follow to Boost Wi-Fi Signal on Your Laptop:

Now when the strength of Wi-Fi Signal is not much strong on your Laptop then you can just follow the universal step that will boost your Wi-Fi Signal is you can take your Laptop close to your Wi-Fi Router but if this does not increase the strength or boost your Wi-Fi Signal on your Laptop then you can follow this further steps to boost and strength Wi-Fi Network on your Laptop.

  1. Upgrade Your Wi-Fi Hardware:

Most of the Laptops that are available for users generally are using 801.11g or 802.11 Wi-Fi Network. Now if your router is an 802.11b device then it will provide the speed of that device to your Laptop. And now if you want to boost or strength your Wi-Fi Network you will need to upgrade your Wi-Fi hardware.

  1. Expand Your Wi-Fi Signal:

Now to add more strength or boost your Wi-Fi Network you will need to add range expander as this repeater as it will pick up Wi-Fi signal from your Wi-Fi Routers and transmit it. And to do it you will just need to place Wi-Fi repeater or Wi-Fi expander which will make the maximum use of your device which will rebroadcast your Wi-Fi Network.

  1. Install External Adaptor:

Now all the laptops have an inbuilt Wi-Fi router which allows users to get Wi-Fi without using any External Adaptors. But if you want to strength or boost your Wi-Fi Network on your Laptop then you can use an external Adaptor. As External Adapters contains large antennas and other technology which will strength or boost Wi-Fi Network on your Laptop.

  1. Change Your Wireless Channel:

Wi-Fi routers broadcast on several channel so if one of the channel is very busy and the strength of Wi-Fi signal is weak and the speed of your Wi-Fi Internet slow then you can change the channel of your Wi-Fi to the less congested channel.

  1. Change Standard Router Antenna to Omni directional One:

Another important thing that you will need to in order to boost or increase the Wi-Fi strength is you can change your standard Router Antenna to an Omni directional Antenna which will let you change the direction of your Wi-Fi signal to which ever you want to so that it will speed up your Wi-Fi Internet connection.

  1. Change the Position of Your Wi-Fi Router:

Now another thing that you can do is re-position your Wi-Fi router at a center location where the signal will be at the highest and also you should re-position your Wi-Fi router away from any of your walls which will block the Wi-Fi signal and also keep your Wi-Fi router away from any metals as it will disturb the signal coming from the router.

  1. Increase Transmission Power:

Now you want to strength or boost your Wi-Fi signal you can Increase the Transmission Power to the fullest in your adapter settings. Now this will ultimately strength and boost the Wi-Fi Network so that your Wi-Fi Internet speed will increase on your Laptop.

  1. Disable Background Application:

Another important thing that you can do to increase your Wi-Fi Network signal is that you can disable all the background application as even thou you might have Average Wi-Fi connection the Internet will still be low as there are many application running in the background so you can disable all those application.

  1. Update Firmware:

The last and one of the most important things that you can do is to keep your Firmware updated as it will fix all Wi-Fi drivers on your Laptop and it will ultimately increase the speed of your Wi-Fi internet speed.

Well the above are some of the step that will increase the strength & boost your Wi-Fi signal on your Laptop.

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