With the launch of the latest Windows version i.e the Windows 10, Apple has also came forward with their new update of BootCamp to cope up with the latest OS’s.So if you  are a Mac user and you always wanted to try something different with your MacBook, now you can do it with the latest Boot Camp.


Now that you can even install Windows 10 using the latest Boot Camp, you probably would go for the Windows 10 to be your new OS.

So assuming that you want to install Windows 10 on your Macbook, today I am going to take you through few simple steps on how you can easily and safely install Windows 10 on your Macbook.

Things That You Will Need To Install Windows 10 Using Boot Camp


First you will need to purchase a copy of Windows 10 from Microsoft which would cost $119.

Then make sure you take a short trip through the system configuration of your Macbook so that you would be sure that your Macbook would support the latest windows 10.To do that you can simply go to the Mac System Information which you an access by typing in “System Information” or try going into the Apple menu in About This Mac > System Report.

And you will need atleast a free space of 30Gigs on your startup drive and all other basic things like a tracking pad or mouse & keyboard.

Now note that whether you are using a EI captain or an OS X Yosemite.Because Boot Camp will require a disk image of the Windows and the simplest way is to purchase a IOS version ruther than the DVD version.

Now if you don’t have a disk image file then this is how you can do it :


  • First you need to place your USB flash or DVD drive into your MAC.
  • Now you need to start the Disk Utility after the media pops up in the Finder and then you need to select and install the file.
  • Now on the top of the windows simply click on the New Image Icon.
  • Select the DVD drive as the Image Format when the drop down windows pops up and then select “none” in the encryption option.
  • Now save the file using a name and wait till the program creates an image file.
  • Safely remove the USB drive once the Image is created.
  • Now you will need to rename the new image file to .cdr or .iso and confirm the change.


Setting Up A New Windows Partition

Now you can start with the installing process of your windows 10 in your Macbook. And the first thing you need to do is to formate and create a new Windows Partition for Windows 10 ( At least 30GB ).

  • Now start up the Boot Camp Assistance to help you with automatically creating the partition for you.You can find this in the Utility folder of the Applications drive.
  • After formating the partition using the Boot camp you are ready to install the Windows 10 in that partition.Simply select BOOTCAMP when the windows asks you where to install the new OS.
  • Click on format and then the new WIndows 10 will be automatically installed.

Selecting The New OS

Now that the Windows 10 is installed in your Macbook you will need to simply restart and a windows will pop up to select the OS in which you want to startup your Macbook, select the Bootcamp icon if you want to start using windows 10.

And well done, you have successfully installed windows 10 using Boot Camp on your Macbook.

This is the most simplest way to install Windows 10 on your Macbook using Boot camp. Hope you will like this simple tutorial and if you did, please share and leave a comment below. Thank you and Enjoy using the new OS on your Macbook.

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