Running for the charging outlet now and then, hoping not to run out of battery juice after browsing through the internet or playing a game has become one of the main problem for iPhone users.

With a sleek design, stunning display clarity and processing power, the iPhone can put a shame to most smartphones out in the market.


But with a huge time to recharge and compared to that, having such a low battery backup can be really irritating.

So, today I am going to take you through few of the best ways how you can easily charge your iPhone and in turn you can charge faster and also use your iPhone till the end of your day.

Top 5 Steps To Charge Your iPhone Faster

#1. Using A Faster Charger


Most chargers are created according to their battery size, as bigger means you will need a more powerful charger to charge faster.The most common charger for iphone is the 5 volt charger which provides 5 watts of power for every 1 amp.

The 5volt charger works well for iPhones.But you may have noticed the iPad chargers which is a 5.1volts and provides 12 watts for 2.1 amps which allows faster charging for the iPads.Now if you have an iPad, you can simply plug in your iPhone on your iPad charger when you need to charge your iPhone faster.

Also compared to all the chargers, using a USB data transferring cable to charge your iPhone can take twice the time compared to an iPhone charger as the USB cable works at a 5 volts but only provides 2.5 watts of power at 0.5 volts.

#2. Turn on Airplane Mode


Did you know, putting any smartphone on Airplane/Flight mode while you are on flight is’nt just a safety precaution but also a battery saver.

While you are in a flight and you can’t get a signal, your phone is still searching hard to find a network,And while doing so your smartphone eats up a lot of your battery juice.

And putting your iPhone on Airplane mode while charging basically does the same, so while charging you can get the most out of your charging ruther than just charging at one point and losing your charge at the same time while your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and network mode is on.

Doing this will help you charge your iPhone a few minutes faster.

 #3. Switch It Off


While putting your iPhone on Airplane mode will save a lot of juice while charging, turning your phone off can be another best way to charge it faster.

As charging won Airphone mode will still drain your battery on background apps while will still be running.

So you can charge your device even faster by simply turning it off.As turning your iPhone off and charging will put your iphone through a charging mode only without thinking of even losing 1 percent of your charging on any background app or even the display.

Also your phone won’t warm up while charging on Airplane, which is the sign of a good charging mode.

#4. Note The Temperatures


As I said in the last tip, if your phone is not warming up while charging it a sign of good charging mode.

A cooler temperature is always better for any electronic goods is always best for a longer life.

Now please don’t put your iPhone in the refrigerator, as this may cause serious problem due to condensation.

What i meant to say is, never leave your iPhone under the sun or inside a hot car or in your pockets or hands while charging.

A little fresh air or simply under cool room temperature will help you with a longer life and also a which will help to charge your iphone faster.

#5. Maintaining The Battery


If you have any mode of vehicle and even if you don’t you may have notices for your remote control that you need to change or clean and maintain the battery well so that you don’t run out of battery at odd times.

Also with your iPhone, you need to regularly keep note of the battery charging time and discharging time, depending on the usage.

Also Apple has recommends all their iPhone users to do a full charge cycle once a month.In that you simply need to charge your iphone to 100% and use till the device switches off by itself.

And if you notice that your battery is draining too fast you may have to change your battery.


So, there you have it. These were the list of the 5 best ways you can charge your iPhone faster.And if you follow all the steps above you can easily charge your iPhone 15-25% faster.

Hope you liked this article, if you did like it then please share and leave a comment below.Thank you for reading & sharing.

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