If you are using a free version of an app or a browser, it is most likely that you will come across at least one advertisement within the app or even when the app is running in the background.Being a free user of a game you can’t complain using the app as it tends to pop up Ads every time you login or one game play ends or you are about to log out.

Games are one of the most common place where ads pop up now and then , basically taking about half or a portion of the screen. This cause the game to be disrupted or difficult to play the game because of the ads popping up in the corner of the screen(as you can see below).

Block Ads on Android Apps and Browser

Angry Bird With Ads

And even with few browsers on your android smartphone you may face ads that always tend to pop up even between your work or when you are browsing between pages.It also happens that when you tap to open a new tab.

Block Ads on Android Apps and Browser

Browser With Ads

Why Do You Have To Face Ads With Free Apps & Browsers ???

With every free application and websites comes with free contents, free softwares, free services and much more.And the best part is you don’t have to pay for it.But this is where the reason for  all the pop up ads arises.While you are enjoying all the free services and features, someone does have to pay for it.In doing so the service providers has to come up with publishing ads on the apps and browsers.This provides the developers with the revenue to run the app while you enjoy all the cool features of the games and browsers.

It’s not the ads that’s annoying, it’s the placement of the ads that’s causes the conflict.As the ads tends to pop up between browsing and playing games which can be really annoying.

So, today i am going to show you how you can  Block Ads on Android Apps and Browser using a single ad blocking application namely Adblock Plus.

About Adblock Plus


Adblock plus is an ad blocking app, which is also a freeware and can be used to block any ad which pops up from all the free apps and browsers installed on your device.Adblock can block Ads on Android Apps and Browser, for apps it can be used by simply installing the app and for browsers you need an extension that will block the ads from browser as well the website ads.

Download the ABP from here : Adblock Plus

Using Adblock Plus to Block Ads on Android Apps and Browser

Now for device which are rooted you simply need to install the app and then launch the app.Then you will be required to allow superuser permissions.

For non-rooted devices you will be required to launch the app after installation. After launching the app you will be required to set a proxy manually.(If you don’t know how to set proxy manually follow this link : Set proxy )

Now that you have installed and launched the app/setup proxy, your ad blocker plus is ready to Block Ads on Android Apps and Browser.

For more setting you will be required to launch the app and get inside the Abp setting and avail the advance setting that you want.

Using The Adblock Plus Browser Extension

Now for everyone who is using a firefox browser to browse through the internet, you will notice that you are not facing any ads from the browser itself but when browsing through the web pages.So for firefox user here is an Adblock Plus extension to help you block Ads on Android Apps and Browser websites.

Download the extension for firefox users from here : Extension

block Ads on Android Apps and Browser websites

For those who are not using firefox on their android device , try using the firefox with the adblock plus extension. It is really amazing.

Firefox For Android

Setting Adblock Plus Extension

block Ads on Android Apps and Browser

  • After you have installed Firefox on your android device, simply follow this link to get the extension. Firefox Ad block Plus extension
  • Download and let the extension install itself in the Firefox browser.
  • Now you will be required to restart the browser, then click on the Menu>> Adblock Plus for the settings that you want to enjoy using the adblock plus extension on the firefox.

And that’s it, this is how you can use the adblock plus to block Ads on Android Apps and Browser for free.  I also personally enjoy browsing through the internet without any annoying ads popping up &  also with blocking the  apps and browsers ads with this adblock plus app and firefox extension.

So this is how you can block Ads on Android Apps and Browser, hope you like this article.If you did like this article then please share it with your friends and let this article help your friends and family member to avoid all the annoying ads.

Also leave a comment below if you have any queries and also leave a comment below about your experience using this app and extension.

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