Best Custom Android ROMs:

We all use Android phones and tablets. Android has more than 1 Billion users globally and it gives us lot of features that we enjoyed with our smartphones and tablets. Another best feature of Android OS is that it gives us the opportunity to change the interface of our smart device.

You might be quite happy with your phone’s interface, but with the Custom ROMs available for Android you can explore more features, new designs and user interfaces. So if you get bored with the common looks of your Android device, it gets you the opportunity to change the interface of your device with brand new features and designs.

Best custom Android ROMs

Why You need a Custom Android ROM for your Android Device?

The inbuilt ROM of your Android device doesn’t give you the opportunity of customization. It only customize the interface of your Phone’s home screen without changing the Firmware.

Where as the Custom ROM itself a Firmware and an OS too and is able to gives your Android device a brand new look. It gives you the independence of customization with new options. Also they can improve your system’s performance and remove all unnecessary apps.

Note: Before downloading and installing a Custom ROM, make sure your Android device must be rooted.

Here in this post, I have listed some of the Best Custom Android ROMs that you may like to use on your Android device. Take a look.

Best Custom ROMs for Your Android:


best custom android ROM

CyanogenMod is in the top of the list. It is the most widely used custom ROM and many user’s first choice including me. It comes with a great user interface with amazing features and customization options. Also it is backed up by awesome developers who are constantly supporting it to make it best.

It has some good system wide themes the give the new look to your device. You can configure different profiles with customization. You will experience the Lollipop look. Also it enables you with some advanced gesture to use your phone more efficiently. The installation of this Custom ROM is also very simple. This is the Custom ROM that you should use if you are wishing to give your phone a new look.

Paranoid Android

best custom android ROM

Paranoid Android is the another option that you may use. It is the custom ROM who is a strong competitor of CyanogenMod. The user interface of this ROM is also cool with all great features. It is one of the best and trustable custom ROM available for Android.

It allows you to change the color schemes of your device’s status bar and navigation bar with some tweaks. You can set apps to get the layout of your device with its Hybrid mode. In addition it lets you to enable privacy feature, hiding your status and navigation bar. Moreover, it is your device’s battery friendly application.


best custom android ROM

Another good option for Custom ROM is OmniROM. It lets you the power of customization with new other features. you can modify the notification setting and add a notification counter on the status bar, adjust the brightness easily, the quick setting panel helps you to adjust settings quickly and easily just flipping between the tiles. However it may be not so battery friendly at all.


best custom android ROM

AOKP or Android Open Kang Project is another option that you might like to use. It will let you find all the settings of ROM in the settings menu. With it you can easily change the navigation bar and status bar as you like, make them transparent. Also you can make shortcuts of apps by pinning them in to the navigation bar. You can make a string of all your mostly used apps pinned to your device’s notification menu. Also you can customize the different tasks and set BOOT animation in the settings menu.

 Slim Bean

best custom android ROM

Slim Bean is a custom ROM that you might like to use if you want some basic and simple tweaks on your Android device’s user interface. It is one of the most powerful yet simple and Best Custom Android ROMs.

Also, it makes your system’s performance better and the UI is also very nice. To get the updates with this is very easy, just a one-click installation process. Moreover, it is a battery friendly solution for your Android.


Not all the Android devices support custom ROM, so before installing a custom ROM make sure that it is compatible with your device and has really a good set of features.

These are the list of some of the Best Custom Android ROMs that you may like to use on your Android to improve your device’s performance. Also, there are many customs ROMs available, so whatever you choose make sure that it should be the best one for your Android.

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