Have you lost your android smartphone, ever? Or it has been stolen recently; and you don’t have any idea to get it back? There is a simple way to get it back if you have already installed an android tracking app on your lost phone. But what if you unfortunately didn’t install any phone recovery app? Can you relate this situation with yourself? Alright, don’t make your hankies wet just yet.

how to track lost android phone

Here, I have come with a detailed tutorial on how to track lost android phone or tablet precisely, which should help you out conveniently. For I know, how does it feel when our most beloved thing get stolen from us.

How Important Your Phone Was?

Sometimes, I wonder, how people used to live without mobile phones in earlier times. Today, a life without a smartphone seems just meaningless. I can skip my meals for a day but, spending an entire day without my mobile phone on hand is just too hard.

Well, this is my personal feeling and it’s not necessary that every one of you out there must feel the same way. But, that’s also a fact that in this century people mostly depends on electronic devices for living and the smartphones are certainly the most dependable thing ever invented.


The usage of smartphones is not anything new to us. This handy electronic device brought a revolution in history of Technology. Such an important thing which became an aspect of our live, what if it’s been lost? There must be ways, not a single one but many, to get it back to its rightful owner.

How to Track Lost Android Phone or Tab

Keeping in mind all the possibilities, after many hard works and experiments, here I have assembled the most acceptable ways to show you how to track lost android phone without any tracking application installed.

I suggest you to take a tour through these various procedures about how to track lost android phone, and follow the same carefully.

 Using Android Device Manager (ADM)

Android Device Manager is a convenient device tracking tool offered by Google. Using this tracking tool you can easily locate your android smartphone or tablet. For making use of this tool you don’t need to install any app on your device. But, there are few requirements in order to get your job done using Android Device Manager.

android device manager

  • Your android device must be signed into your Google Account.
  • Your lost device must be connected to internet.
  • Your lost device must be powered on.

With the latest update, Google embedded some more feature for AMD, which will let you track down your registered device even in an easier way. Simply entering a search term as “where is my phone”, Google will display a search result along with a map locating your device above the search result. Below here is stepwise instruction to track your android device using Google’s ADM.

  1. Log into your Google account and keep it logged in. Now, visit the site Android Device Manager.
  2. Now, if you are having more than one registered device, assure to choose the right one clicking the arrow next to the name of device.
  3. ADM will immediately attempt to track down your phone and will display the approx. site of your lost phone or tablet.

Before you get started with Google’s ADM make sure the tool is enabled. In order to enable AMD, open your Google Settings Application > select your Android Device Manager. The ADM locator Feature might be enabled by its default, but if you want to enable remote data wipe, go to “Allow remote factory reset”, followed by “Activate” alternative.


Now, once you have found the location of your device after following all the above instruction, you must be able to let your device ring to find it if the device is nearby. Or, you can erase all the data on your device to prevent your private data from wrong hands. Also you can lock your android device.

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Using “Android Lost” App

This way is kind of complicated one yet very convenient to track down your lost android device. But, the only disadvantage of this tool is that it works only with older versions of Android operating systems. The required conditions for using this feature are as follows.

android lost

  • Your lost android device must be linked with your Google account.
  • Your device must be connected into internet.
  • Your lost android device should not be running with Android 3.0 version OS or higher.
  • Your lost phone must be powered on at the moment your try tracking.

It is real easy to locate your phone and get it back if it is just nearby. But, in case of theft issue, you can only hope that the thief did not disconnect your Google account from your lost phone. Now, here is how you can use the Android Lost app in tracking your phone down.

  1. Firstly, install the Android Lost app into your stolen phone remotely through Google Play. If this act does not work, you can consider that your lost phone no longer connected to internet. If the first step works follow the next steps.
  2. Now, activate Android Lost app. as you don’t have the device with you, in order to attempt this action, you have to send a SMS with a text saying “androidlost register” from any other phone to your lost device. In case of lost android tablet, the sending SMS may not work. For this, you have to install “AndroidLost Jumpstar” before installing the Android Lost app. It will take few minutes to register your Google account with Android Lost app. I suggest you to have patient on this.
  3. By now, your lost phone’s Google account should be registered with the Android Lost app.
  4. Next, visit to the Android Lost website and sign into your Google account linked with your lost device.
  5. Now, access to the remote control page, and there you will be free to take several actions remotely.

Once you have successfully accessed into the control page,

  • You can read the latest sent or received SMS on your lost phone. It may give you some information about thief.
  • You can ring your phone loudly with flashing screen in case it’s misplaced nearby at home.
  • Your phone supposed to send you back a link regarding its location. Clicking on the received link you can get information about location of your lost device from Google Map’s interface.
  • You can control Lock-unlock feature of your phone.
  • You will be able to delete all data including private ones assuring the data does not get touched by wrong hands.
  • And, also you can use the camera of your phone to get snapshots of the person who stole the device.

These are the most beneficial ways to track down your lost android devices in case you don’t have any android’s tracking application installed as far I have experienced. I hope the instructions I have given in this post should not be difficult to for you guys.

There are some more additional methods to locate your lost device, on which I am still working on. Stay updated on this article and I promise to provide the best methods about how to track lost android phone and tablet. There should not be any worries for your lost.

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