Tweak Notification Alerts on Facebook: No doubt Facebook is the best social media that connects us with our friends, relatives and loved ones socially through the internet. Almost every guy from the teenage to old age are the accessible member of this social community.

In Facebook, there’s a feature like when someone sends you a friend request or tag a photo with you or from any games that you’re subscribed into the Facebook, it sends you a notification on the notification bar of the Facebook page. We all are already known to this fact very well.

But, sometimes it really becomes annoying and irritating to receive the notification of every activity of your friends like sharing, commenting or liking any post or other things. But, there’s a solution too for this kind of situations. You can Tweak Notification Alert on Facebook.

Tweak notification alerts on facebook

In this post, I will show you how You can Tweak Notification Alerts on Facebook.

How to Tweak Notification Alerts on Facebook:

Now you can easily tweak any notification on Facebook, especially some game requests that are the most irritating thing on Facebook. You will be able to manage all your activity’s notification.

Follow the below simple steps to tweak your Facebook Notification Alert.

Step 1. First open and log in to your account using your id and password.

Step 2. Then click on the inverted triangle icon, which you will found in the upper right corner side of the page. Now, click on ‘Settings’.

tweak notification alerts on facebook

Step 3. Now, under ‘Settings’ click on ‘Notifications’ which is on the left middle side of the page.

tweak notification alerts on facebook

Step 4. Under Notifications, you will found ‘on Facebook’ option at the first, click on the Edit.

Step 5. Here you will found all the notification settings. Just tweak the setting as like you want. This is the work you have to do.

tweak notification alerts on facebook

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Very easy to do, right? Yeah, it is. Now you can easily Tweak Notification Alerts on Facebook as per your requirement. Make the customize notification as you like and enjoy doing Facebook. Hope this tutorial will help you.

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