We are living in a world where modified things get more credits than genuine ones. This fact is yet another bitter one obvious, but modification has became a trend in the current generation. Social Medias like Facebook and Twitter has become a way of living. Everything we do in our daily life is being updated with images or without on these social sites.

Best Photo Editor Apps for Android

Majority of Smartphone users edits their images before uploading it on any social media. At this point, many photo editor apps like Bonfire Photo Editor and Airbrush comes to the play. Definitely there are hundreds of apps available in the tech-market for a single purpose.

The real deal is to pick-up the best one among many. Well, I have gathered some of the best android photo editor apps for android users; and in this article I will talk about their useful features as well.


Best Android Photo Editor Apps

Who won’t like a piece of thing which is well modified or edited to give it even a better look? Well, modification in a good manner is kind of art which can be done in ease. So, it is always fair to put a good filter on what you captured with your camera; whether it is DSLR or just an Android phone.

Now, from here I will lead you through a list and description of best android photo editor apps compatible for android mobile phones. Mind to hand-pick the best one that feeds your taste.


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Express

Adobe is a well known name among computer users. Currently this tool is also well admired for its attribute in mobile phone based photo editing purpose. The photo editor apps such as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop Express hold a leading position in the android photo editing app category. These apps can be synced to its desktop version using Adobe Creative Cloud. Using Adobe Photoshop Express you can do all those basic edits like crop, adjust, and adding filters. Its auto-fix feature can be used for smoothen the rough edges of your photos to give it a better appearance. Both these apps have a decent interface.


Price: Free, in-app purchase

Google Play Rating: 4/5


Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

This is one of on growing popular photo editor among Smartphone users. Alongside other basic functions like skin smoothing and face thinning, the app comes with some unique filter features like Fancy and Sketch that can turn your images into a water-coloured painting or a pencil drawing look.


Price: Free, in-app purchase

Google Play Rating: 4.2/5



This is certainly a must have photo editing app for selfie freaks. This app’s speciality is that, it can give an intense and quick edit as soon as you take a snap using the tool; removing blemish and other spots. Also, you can whiten teeth; brighten your eyes to put a better appearance of your face. With an impressive numbers of filters this app is real easy to use.


Price: Free

Google Play Rating: 5/5



This tool is specialised keeping in mind of nature lovers. While other photo editing apps are focusing on quick edits of selfies, PhotoDirector comes with unique features like HSL sliders, RGB color channels and many more which gives a professional edits onto your ordinary photos.


Price: Free, in-app purchase

Google Play Rating: 4.5/5


Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editor Pro is one of the best android photo editor apps with many awesome features such as filters, effects, stickers and more. The app interface is really simple yet decent which every one would fall in love with. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, temperature and saturation of your photo giving it a better resolution.

best android photo editor apps

Price: Free

Google Play Rating: 4.3/5


Searching best android photo editor apps in Google Play Store can give you a pretty good head spin with a long list of search results. I recommend you to try these editor apps that I have assembled based on my hard home work and experiments; thank me later.

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