Torrent Clients comes into play when you need to download any file over BitTorrent. So right after you have selected which torrent file you want to download, the next thing you will need to do is choose the Best Torrent Client that will offer the best downloading speed without interruption. Also, few of the best torrent clients offer variable features which include downloading contents directly from the website without the need of downloading any more software.

Torrent Client

There are a lot of clients that you can choose from but what you need is the best torrent clients. Choosing the best torrent clients is really important, as this will adversely affect the downloading speed if you chose the wrong client.

So, here today I am going to offer you with a list of top 10 best torrent clients that will help you to download your desired torrent network files, without interruption and even at a higher downloading speed.

(Note: Downloading any file using this programs are free of cost and also legal. But the content that you will be downloading from the torrent network is illegal, so it is advisable to note the copyright laws followed by your country to avoid any copyright issues.)

Top 10 Best Torrent Clients :

#1. uTorrent
Taking the spotlight at the top is the most used and trusted client uTorrent. This client has a short and simple UI and also for its an installation size. Furthermore, this client will not eat up much of your RAM so you can easily run this torrent client in the background and forget about it till your download is over.
Best Torrent
Few of the best features of this client includes notification on download completion and remote monitoring of your downloading files and even pausing or starting your download over again remotely.

#2. ZbigZ

Followed by uTorrent is the ZbigZ and this client offers the best feature that includes entering the torrent file link to download the torrent network file. This client also allows you to download your files as an HTTP data, you don’t have to take much of a headache to download.

Torrent Client

But with this client, you will be able to download no larger then 1Gb and with a downloading speed exceeding 150 Kbps.

#3. Filestream

Just like ZbigZ, Filestream allow you to freely download you favourite torrent  network files also by entering the torrent links and also by  using the magnet file or the torrent file. Being a free version and a paid version available in the market, the free version only allows you to download files limited to 1GB and but without any speed variation.

Torrent Client

One of the best features of this client is that it lets you hide your IP address and also lets you stream the audio or video file that you are downloading.

#4. BitLord

Available for both iOS and Windows this torrent client lets you download the files you want directly from the torrent site.

Best Torrent Client

And if you want privacy & security in your torrent client for the various reason then Bitlord is what you need. Bitlord come with inbuilt password system that allows you to set the desired password to protect you from unauthorized access.

#5. FrostWire

With FrostWire, you can forget about searching for your desired torrent over different sites as Frostwire lets you search for your desired  file over different sites at one single time so you don’t miss downloading what you want.

Best Torrent Client

FrostWire became one of the best torrent clients because of the fact that it comes with a built-in internet radio player which the user can enjoy while downloading the file that they want.

#6. Vuze

Vuze is a free torrent client that offer behemoth features compared to all other torrent clients. It also supports  playback while you are downloading a file, and this makes Vuze one of the best best torrent clients.

Torrent Client


Vuze also comes with an android version client that acts as a remote that allows you to control your desktop client. Besides that, what makes Vuze definitely one of the best torrent clients is its another function automatically puts your desktop to hibernate or even shut down automatically as set by you.

#7. BitComet

BitComet is another one of the best torrent clients that allow you to download your desired torrent file along with advanced virus scanning system which prevents infectious files fro downloading in advance.

Torrent Client

And just like Vuze, BitComet can be customized to put your desktop to hibernate or shutdown after the client is done is with downloading your desired file.

#8. Deluge

A simple as it looks, it is how easy it is to download a file using these best torrent clients. Deluge helps you to maximize your downloading speed by encrypting and setting the download and upload speed easily according to your network providers speed.

Best Torrent Client

Deluge also come with a variety of plugins that allow its users to stay connected within emails and speed stats and auto RSS and schedule of shutting down after download completion.

#9. qBittorrent

Available for OS X,  Windows, Mac, and Linux qBittorrent offer a simple and minimalistic interface keeping in mind the password protection encryption. Making qBittirrent one of he best torrent clients is the feature that allows the user to remotely control the desktop client with an android device.

Best Torrent

qBittorent offer even advances setting that is kept simple even which offers som the best features compared to even the best torrent clients.

#10. FinalTorrent

Finally ending with the FinalTorrent still takes the 10th place in this list of the best  torrent clients offering a variety of features and super simple UI.

Best Torrent Client

FinalTorrent is equipped with a search engine that lets you browse through the internet for you required the torrent file.Which in turn helps you to save a lot of your time.

So there you have it, the list of the 10 best torrent clients that you can choose from that would suit you better to download the files you want from the torrent network.

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