Best Offline Games for Android 2016 :  What if your internet network server is down for a day? Or you are traveling to a destination and your internet breaks out….  No Social Media Sites, No Texting with your best buddies or your loved ones and No online Gaming!! Sounds scary right?

Best Offline Games for Android 2016

In this modern world, the internet plays a very vital role right from the time we wake up in the morning till we go to bed. We like to stay connected with your friends over the social network or a messaging app and even for people who loves to play online games like Clash of Clan and Little Empire.

Now the question arises, how would you kill time in case there is an internet problem? The world of the internet of filled with many offline games which you could play as a time pass or even while traveling.

So today I am going to take you through the Best Offline Games for Android 2016 that you can play when you don’t have internet access on your device or even when you have an internet access.

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List of Best Offline Games for Android 2016:

Plants VS Zombies 2

With zombies coming back again, it’s on you to plant the Amass The Army of Powerful Plants to defend the invasion against the Legions of zombies who are moving toward you.

Offline Games for Android


A production by Electronic Arts, Plant VS Zombies 2 is the winner of the 2013 Best Mobile Game – Spike VGX Awards.And for all Plants vs Zombies players, Plant vs Zombies2 offers new features which will leave you begging for more.

New Game Features:

  • New Plants & New Zombies

2 new amazing classical zombies and also an all-star zombie

3 new plants with Explosive Escape root

  • New ways to Protect The Brain
  • New Zen Garden to Unlock
  • Warning: New Zombot Taskmaster of 10,000BC

To Play This Game Click Here: Plants vs. Zombies 2


An arcade game based on an agent who is a free runner & doesn’t want to be held back by the system, so he escapes. So now it’s up to you to bring him to his freedom running through the roof and through the office, breaking through glass and 100+ Parkour moves to keep running away from “Big Brother” who’s the only purpose is to catch you and bring you back to the system.

Offline Games for Android 2016

A production by NEKKI, Vector is definitely one of the Best Offline Games for Android 2016 with thrilling and rich graphics and many other amazing moves that you can try for yourself.

New Game Features:

  • 1 New Construction Track
  • 8 New Technopark Tracks

To Play This Game Click Here: VECTOR


Asphalt 8 –Airborne

A game by Gameloft, one of the best game developers has created a sensation with the launch of Asphalt 8 Airborne which can be one of the Best Offline Games for Android 2016. And for all racing game craze out there, this game will set your soul free from the bounds and launch you into one of the best 3D racing games available out there.

Best Offline Games for Android

Leaving gravity in the past, take a leap with Asphalt 8 to the distant future where you will be able to drive through underwater and even jump off ramps and take out other cars while in the air.

New Game Features:

  • New Chinese new year car decals to customize your cars
  • A secret new place named Area51 … Find it
  • New cars to Unlock like Alfa Romeo 4C
  • R&D events based on Asian streets

To Play This Game Click Here: Asphalt 8: Airborne

Speedy Ninja

Who doesn’t want to be a ninja? Well, every one of us has wished to be a ninja at least once in our childhood. Now you can full fill your dream with Speedy Ninja, a production of NetEase Games.

Best Offline Games for Android 2016

Being a ninja you can unlock new abilities & skills just like a ninja, running through obstacles and destroying maniac monsters on the run and even unlocking abilities like dragon mounts and really powerful weapons making it the Best Offline Games for Android 2016 .


  • Gravity defying
  • Ride mystical dragon
  • Make your way to the leader board
  • One shot enemy clearing skill
  • Run with time till the end

To Play This Game Click Here: Speedy Ninja

With this list of the Best Offline Games for Android 2016 , we came to an end of this article & now you don’t have to worry about getting bored even when your internet is out.

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