This seemed to be off-season Christmas for Android holder Clash freaks. Clash Royale for Android is officially released around the globe early this month. Fans of COC are seemed more excited as they are going to experience something new of Clash. In the very first release event, the real-time game was launched on only iOS platform.

clash royale

The developer team Supercell, which is also responsible for creating Clash of Clans finally made it to launch Clash Royale for android worldwide just recent. Within a very short period of time, the newbie real-time-strategy game has already gained a positive approach from users.


Shortly About Clash Royale

Whether you have played Clash of Clans or not, you are well aware about the popularity and addiction of COC. The real-time newbie already gave slight mark of the same outcome. Since its first release on Android platform, Clash Royale certainly had a great start with amore than 10 million downloads and 4.5 average user’s ratings till date.

There are a lot of similarities between Clash Royale and Clash of Clans and some might think that it is a sequel of COC. Let me clarify the fact, this is not a sequel of COC or any. Though the game is developed and published by the same team from COC, the team has refused to call it Clash of Clans 2. However, the characters and game design is quite similar to COC; but the game-play is different.

clash royale for android

The Clash Royale is more head-to-head fight than clan battle, with main objective of knock on town opponent’s tower and defeat enemy Knight. Many interesting items in the game include Cards (Common, Rare and Epic), Fireball Spell, Masketeer and many more. More new characters include Knight, Princes and Dragon Baby.


You can form your battle clan or request to join others, create a clash community and share useful cards with your community members and you can chat as well. For learning battle tactics, you can challenge any of your clan-mates in a private battle for practice and watch battle tactic videos in TVC Royale section. In the shop section, you can shop Cards, Treasure Chests, Gems and Golds. This section can be unlocked by winning the battle in Goblin Stadium.



Clash Royale Features

1: The real-time game allows duel players to fight in an arena, winner takes Trophies home. Any players from around the world can participate against anyone.

2: Rewards are to be unlocked by chest earnings. Collect new powerful cards and you can upgrade your existing cards as well.

3: Height of the Victory is to Destroy enemy Towers. Epic Crown chests can be earned by winning multiple Crowns through many victories.

4: Build and Upgrade collection of your cards. Also, collect your Defences, Spells and troops.

5: Construct defensive Battle Deck to prevent your loss and defeat enemies as well.

6: In order to get on the top stage, you have to win in multiple fights.

7: You can form your clan, share your cards and build up a battle community.

8: You can challenge your mates or friends in your clan fro private duels and sharpen your battle tactics with practice.

9: TV Royale will show you ultimate battle tactics, watch and learn to be best.


Clash Royale for Android

The Clash Royale for Android was released on 2nd March. The game is available in Google Play Store for free with in-app purchases. Click on the linked title of Google Play which will direct you the Clash Royal App page. From there you can download and install the app in your Android Smartphone with few simple steps.

clash royale

  • Once you are directed to Clash Royale app page of Google Play Store, proceed to click tap on “Install” option.
  • And then, “Accept” the term and conditions.

As soon as you tap “Accept” button, the app downloading process will take place immediately; and once the download is complete, the game will be installed automatically. Finally, you can tap on “Open” button and play the game with ease.

Downloading Clash Royale for Android is quite easy. In the same easy way, you can have this game in your personal computer as well. Click on the below link, if you want to play the game in bigger screen.

Download Clash Royale for PC here


Now, if you are already addicted to COC, you have one more reason to stick to your game addiction. This time, the clash addiction is Royale! And if you are haven’t played COC or any such real-time games, you are missing a great fun-time of your life my friend. It is time to get Clash Royale for Android and prove me wrong that you are not missing anything.

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