Download Clash Royale Apk : One of the leading developer “Super Cell” have finally come up with a new game, which is as promising as Clash of Clans and has been catching the market of gaming like catching fish from a fish tank. “Clash Royale” is the lil brother of Clash of Clans but is proving to be more on the eye catchy  gameplays.

Clash Royale apk


As for all Clash of Clans players, a new surprise awaits you as you will be able to notice a lot of familiar faces from the most famous Real-Time strategy game for phone/tabs i.e “Clash of Clans” right in Clash Royale fighting right by your side- Download Clash Royale Apk .

Clash Royale brings you the long awaited One-on-One arena battles between different players and that too with deck selection and special cards and much more. You will have a very limited amount of resource and also limited time to defend yourself or to beat your opponent down. And with your favourite characters by your side… What battle strategy are you going to choose? – Download Clash Royale Apk .

Download Clash Royale apk


Sounds Interesting right? so now before you go ahead and download the game, let me take you through a few basics that will help you to understand the game better and help you to grow faster by defeating your opponents.

Clash Royale: The Basics – Download Clash Royale apk

Clash Royale takes you through one and only gameplay that allows you to have a duel with your opponent, that is a One-On-One battle. And the basic thing about the game is to destroy the towers as both the king on both side will be having 2 Towers each and 1 King and the aim is to take down the towers to earn crows or to destroy the king’s tower.

Download Clash Royale

Sounds Simple …. Right ? Well, it isn’t. This is where the excitements are sky high as you opponents will try to do the same thing, that maybe with a different battle strategy so what you have to do is attack and defend your towers and king at the same time and at the end, the player with the maximum crown wins.

And to make things even more interesting, you have to defend your king’s tower no matter what and matter of fact, the player who can destroy the king’s tower at any pint of time even if he/she didn’t win any crown will win the battle instantly.

Now let me make it more interesting with a few more interesting facts and options that you can avail while you are playing the game.

Taking Down The Towers: Download Clash Royale Apk

Now to take down the towers, you can deploy the troops you want to attack first followed by other troops instantly. With each troop deployed, it will cost you a definite amount of  “Elixir” ( Don’t worry as your Elixir will be replenished throughout the battle).

Clash Royale

Also, note that you will have a limited amount of Elixir at a time (as you can see in the above photo) to train your troops. So if you send out troops too quick then you have to wait (for few seconds only) till your Elixir is restored to train more troops at a time.

Download Clash Royale Apk

Also, you will be notified about which troop is going to join from the deck with you in the battle for glory.

Now that you know how to take down the towers, let me tell you whom you can choose in your deck and how you can choose the best troop, heroes and spells to even take down the towers even faster


Your Battle Deck & Card Collection- Download Clash Royale Apk:

Battle Deck: Download Clash Royale Apk

Your battle deck are the troops that you will able to choose from in the battle. And here what you can witness is the troops that you have selected to battle right beside you in the arena.

So choose wisely about what you want in your deck at the time of the battle. As each troop plays a vital on who’s going to win the Royal battle- Download Clash Royale Apk.

Download Clash Royale Apk

So this is how you battle Deck and you can choose from a variety of troops that you can choose from to battle by your side in Clash Royale.


Card Collection – Download Clash Royale

Your cards collection are the cards that you will be able to unlock and use as yu keep on battling and also the one that your will be able to choose from while going for the battle, which can be used to boost your attacks and defense. This may include powerful troops and also a variety of spells and encounters.

Download Clash Royale Apk

Use these cards wisely, as they can easily change the face of the battle and lead you to a definite Victory even when you are in a tight situation.

Changing Cards to What You Need

Swapping between cards can be something that you can use to surprise your enemy with a new and powerful troop or hero or spell that you have recently unlocked and ready to use it.

Download Clash Royale Apk

All you have to do is click and hold the card/troop you want in your deck and drag and drop it on the character that you want to replace.

Get To The Battle Ground- Download Clash Royale Apk:

Now that you have chosen the troops, heroes and spells that you need you will need to move ahead and get to the battle ground. To do that all you have to do is Swap to the right and click on the “Battle”.

Download Clash Royale Apk

Best Feature: Friendly Match

You can even choose to practice/ friendly match with your clan member to test your deck strength and also your strategies for the battles. So what are you waiting for… Go Ahead and Start Choosing Your Best Troops Simply By Battling against Your Friend In a Friendly Duel.

Clash Royale

You can even choose to send messages to the opponent players like in the photo above.

Download Clash Royale


So do you have what it takes to a Champion? Download & Install Clash Royal Apk from here: Clash Royale

Stay connected for more updates and news on Clash Royale, we will keep updating this post on a regular basis.

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