Clash Royale for iOS: Supercell is a name in the world of Real Time Strategy gaming which has created many milestones with their epic games. One of the game’s being “Clash Royale” which is basically the lil brother of the worldwide ranking gaming in the history of Real Time Strategy games “Clash of Clans”. Yes, that’s right both these game are related. Interesting…  Right ?

Clash Royale for iOS

Clash Royale was first launched for on 4th January 2016(in few countries) and became the most grossed and top downloaded games in the history of gaming with over 500,000 downloads just within 12hrs. And was later launched for android on 16th Feb 2016(in few countries) & was officially launched on 2nd March 2016.

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Clash Royale for iOS : Reason Behind The Epic Launch

Clash Royale had his big brother guiding him the way to the huge success and even had a hand or two leading to its success…. Sounds Confusing? Well, now what if I say you that you will be seeing a lot of familiar faces in Clash Royales for iOS from Clash of Clans …. Got what I mean?

Clash Royale for iOS

Well it’s true, will be able to witness epic battles between you and your opponents with few of your characters from Clash of Clans right in Clash Royale.(hope you have played Clash of Clans) Clash Royale for iOS .

And for those who have played Clash of Clans and also for those who haven’t played Clash of Clans before, Clash Royale is definitely worth a try- Clash Royale for iOS .

Briefly About Clash Royale for iOS :

Clash Royal for iOS was first launched on $th January and was later globally released on 2nd March creating epic & record breaking downloads.And right from its launch it has been shocking everyone who has come across playing Clash Royale at any pint of time. This game basically offers One-On-One battles between players. This allows the player to enjoy their prolonged awaited one on one progressive gaming experience from expected from Clash of Clan.

Clash Royale

With one of the most wanted gameplay that allows players to have an ONE-ON-ONE battle against their opponents with epic spells and heroes and many other characters on their side Clash Royale for iOS has won the hearts of many players and is still moving on with new updates and features.

Clash Royale for iOS Features:


Clash Royale has really surprised and satisfied the needs of the players who always wanted ONE-ON-ONE arena battles between players and many other new features like:

Clash Royale

  • Battle Deck – Here will be the list of the heroes, troops, buildings and spells that will help you to beat your opponents.
  • Card Collection – Here you will be able to choose from 3 variety of cards – common, Rare and Epic which will include troops, heroes, building, and spells
  • ONE-ON-ONE – Here players will be able to play against other players, which will be a one-on-one match.
  • Friendly Matches – Here players can practice against their own alliance members and with their friends to check their battle strategy.
  • TV Royale: Here you will be able to watch the most epic battles between strong players and this will also help you to study your battle strategy.
  • Cards Upgrade: Upgrade your cards to upgrade your troops and heroes & buildings.
  • Clan: Join clans and be the strongest simply by defeating your opponents.

Click here to download this game:

Clash Royale


With these epic features and outlay of the One-on-One matches offered by Clash Royale made this game really a unique one compared to all other Real-Time Strategy games.

To read more about this epic game, please stay connected with us as we will keep updating this article with every new feature and upgrades.

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