Talking about Human Psychology, human beings are always in need of something new yet convenient one. We always do want to know, which ones are good to have and which are not. There are things we are already familiar of, and there are more every day being created of which’s usage are yet to be discovered by many.

Top New Free Android Apps 2016

As we are living in Techno-Era, we must know what’s just came up in the market, how useful the thing is, and of course the price. For the Android Smartphone users, I have packed up the info-box of all these above requirements and titled it ‘ Top New Free Android Apps 2016 ‘.

In the list of top new free android apps 2016 , you may get everything you want to know about latest, convenient, popular and pocket-friendly Android apps. From the list here, you can find out which ones going to be useful for you. You never know, you may find one of which you have been looking for a long time?

Top New Free Android Apps 2016 Collection

The apps I have included into the list of top new free android apps 2016 belongs to various app categories. One is totally different in usage and functionality from other. But, every single one of these is real deal and worth to try one.

Most importantly, the app list order is based on the Google Play ratings and total download number of the app. So, check these out.

PIP Launcher

PIP launcher is the best launcher in the latest collection. With simplified and smart menu the app makes your Smartphone indeed gorgeous. The user-friendly interface and quick settings enables you to choose functions in ease.

Top New Free Android Apps 2016
The app does not only hold top place among the last ones, but comparing all the launcher apps created till date. The app is highly customizable; possesses a stunning and stylish visual appearance.

• This is lightest launcher in the world with only 3MB data space usage.
• The app is smart, small and of course safe.
• It hides the apps which you don’t like to display on home screen or desktop.
• As it is lightweight, the can app free up RAM space and helps to boost up your phone and prevent high battery draining.
• It comes with stylish themes and wallpapers to give your Smartphone an extra-ordinary look.

Mobile Location Tracker Pro

The Mobile Location Tracker is designed to track and find the locations where you have visited. The app is just smart enough to track town your locations with selected time as month and date wise. You can share your locations and details with your friends and families.

Top New Free Android Apps 2016
You can get information of your friends and family as well with installing the app in their phone and checking out location details. The app is very convenient in finding people address and to know the exact location of them.

• The app automatically switches on the GPS system.
• You can select various type of Map view, these view can be include as Satellite, Normal, Terrain and Hybrid.
• You can select the Track time interval in order to save the location of the place you have visited.
• You can mark you present address on a map.
• You can share your present address or location using online platforms.
• Also, you can find the distance between two selected places.

Music Equalizer- Audio Effect

The one is for the people attached with music. With its five band sound equalizer, Virtualizer effects and Bass boost you can create your best music sound and audio effect.

Top New Free Android Apps 2016
This app has it everything you need to give you sound a professional effect. Right at the moment, I recommend this as the best audio player tool you must have.

• You can control Media volume with this app.
• The app has Five band equalizer, Bass Boost effect and Virtualizer effect.
• Enable 3D surround soubd with this app is easy.
• The app perfectly works with streaming music like Pandora, Spotify and more.
• The app is fully optimized for tablets and Smartphones separately.

CShare (Transfer File Anywhere)

The newbie in the file sharing group is a good looking app with perfect functionality. The app allows you to transfer Apps, Games, Videos, Music and Photos between your Smartphones.

Top New Free Android Apps 2016
The app is 10 times faster than 3G and 30 times faster than Bluetooth. All you have to do is get installed the pp in both the phone devices between which you want share the contents.

• Share your contents free of cost. No SIM card, Internet activation or Wifi network is required.
• Approx function coverage up to 100m of distance.
• It supports group sharing.
• Smartphones containing CShare automatically detects each others within in range.

Battery Saver- Battery Doctor

This app is for the person who stays up with their phone for longer. In case your phone battery does not have sufficient voltage, you will need this app. Battery saver not only saves your battery; it boosts up your phone, cleans background apps and extends standby duration.

Top New Free Android Apps 2016
As the app does its own work in cleaning junk files, closing battery draining apps and keeping your device fresh-smooth; you can freely work with your phone with no interruptions. With no doubt, Battery Saver is one of the top new free android apps 2016 has ever seen.


There are tons of free android apps being published everyday. And if you go trying each one of them, it will just create a mess in your phone and suck up lots of your data balance and precious time. So, it is best to try the ones which works best and conveniently. But before you do trying, you will need to figure out which one is worth trying and this task is not really easy as it sounds. The list of top new free android apps 2016 here, certainly makes your task real easy.

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