Best Selfie Apps For Android : “SELFIE” a name that is on everyone’s mind nowadays when moment it comes to capturing a memory on your camera, now that may be on your smartphone or even a DSLR. Selfie has turned out to a trend that is moving like the wind throughout the world.

Best Selfie Apps For Android

And when it comes to selfies, it doesn’t take a huge effort to make yourself comfortable taking the picture. Taking selfies can be fun, though, if you have some fun apps installed on your smartphone for taking selfies. These apps allow you to take selfies through a variety of photographic effects to make your selfie look more cool and gorgeous- Best Selfie Apps For Android .

So this is what I got for your today, a list of Best Selfie Apps For Android that you can install on your smartphone especially to take a selfie wherever and whenever you want.

So here you are this are the list of the Best Selfie Apps For Android that you can use for yourself to take that excellent selfie you always wanted.

Best Selfie Apps For Android – Capture The Moment:

  • Selfie Cam:

Best Selfie Apps For Android

One of the best selfie apps for android out there with over 20 various filters to choose from to get that perfect selfies you always wanted making this app the best selfie app you will ver use. Additional features that include auto enhancement that makes your complexion and skin texture more trimmed for a softer looking skin and also with an enhanced whitening which allows you to add a glow to your face.

  • YouCam Perfect:

Best Selfie Apps For Android

Yet another app that will blow your mind after you take a selfie using this app. This app allows you to take selfies and even selfie videos and with a real time beautifying feature that allows you to take a look of your selfie before you even take the photo. This app also features an easy to use multi-face detection that allows auto enhancement for everyone in the frame avoiding skin,eye wrinkles fadeout.

  • Pic Collage Insta Selfie:

Best Selfie Apps For Android

This is yet another selfie app that allows the user to take collage selfies and also allowing you to apply different effects to your photos with over 30 different effects to choose from. This also helps you to apply different photo frames and different templates that you can choose to add and even social sharing is made easy with this app keeping in mind the light weight of the app.

  • Retrica:

Best Selfie Apps For Android

A vintage selfie app that allows you to take your selfie experience to a whole other level and allow you take the selfie that you always wanted. You can take timer photograph for group selfie as it will help you to manage the time to create the best group selfie. This app is available for both free and paid versions and the paid versions include over 50+ filters that you can use to create your own unique selfie.

  • B612- Selfie From The Heart

Best Selfie Apps For Android

B612 can be one of the Best Selfie Apps For Android, with a lot of filters to choose from (50+). With an easy to use interface, you can change between different filters right with your one finger. This app includes different features like selfies from distance and tilt-shift which allows you to play with depth of field around you. This app also allows you to make collages out of the photos were taken to easily share it on the social media network.

So these were the list of few of the Best Selfie Apps For Android that you can choose from to take the best selfies. Now you can go ahead and choose one of the apps and start clicking the perfect selfies every time you want to take a selfie.

Hope this list of apps hep you capture the perfect selfies and meanwhile you may also read about:

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