Era of “Bue- bluetooth”  is long gone. As technology is approaching to its new level everyday, we have more efficient and faster tools for file transfer purposes today. For Smartphone users, there are dozens of file transfers apps available in Google Play Store and iTune. I am not going for all of them, rather picked up my favourite one; Xender: The mobile file transfer and sharing app.

xender for pc

This is no new talk that the most useful file sharing app is available free of cost in Smartphone devices; and there are more. Smartphone device users always had advantages of technology than others. Now, what about computer device users? Guess what, Xender for PC platform is officially released just recently. Great news for PC users indeed.


Why You Need Xender for PC and Mac?

If we could possibly had Xender for PC uses, how cool it would be? No need for tangled data cable connections, no more tortoise-racing game with Bluetooth. Simply share whatever you like between your multiple Laptop computers, or between PC and Smartphone.

Everything would be far easier for computers if we just get this single piece of tech. We could share movies, videos, games, music tracks, PDF files, apps and Photos, whatever we want; just in a minute. Using the file transferring app we can share/transfer almost everything, and the best part is its transferring speed.


Xender Is Available for PC and Mac

I have to say, “Technology disappoints no one”. It has served in one or other way. So, no more sniffles for Xender’s official unavailability on computer devices. The file sharing app has been updated with Computer compatibility recently.

xender for pc

For any Android apps or games to be installed in our PC computers, we had to depend on third party software called android emulator. Same fact comes with Xender file sharing app. However, it just a matter of past for Xender users.

Today, if you want to transfer any file between your phones, or between your phones and computer, Xender is the ultimate option. With its latest version, now you can share files between your Android and iOS Smartphones as well!


Awesome Sharing Features of Xender

Yeah, it is certain that Xender is one of the most convenient apps for file transfer purposes. Over 50 million downloads and beautiful feedbacks with 4.3 overall ratings from users on Google Play assured the fact. And the Xender tem is not done yet. They have levelled up their app with some more awesome features. Let’s check these out.

Phone to Phone Transfer:


1: You need no USB connection, no internet, and of course no data usage for sharing files.

2: It is turbo-fast, share large size HD video in seconds. Do I need to repeat this?

3: It also supports sharing in files in a group of up to 4 devices.

4: In addition, it supports cross OS platform transfer. Now, share your stuffs between iOS and Android devices.

5: Transfer almost everything; Movies, Apps, Music, Photos, Files.

Phone to PC/MAC transfer:


1: With Xender, you can connect you Smartphone to any Windows PC or Mac.

2: Transfer facility is same as Phone connections as you know.

3: No need to depend on any third party software on PC or Mac.

4: It works fine in off-line mode and does not require an internet connection.


Visit the given links here to know: [will be updating more in a day]

How to Connect Phone to PC or Mac With Xender

How to Connect Android to iOS With Xender

How to Connect Android to Windows Phone With Xender


What more do you want? The app feeds you enough that you could hardly digest them all. This time, no need for any android emulator, neither simulator while downloading Xender for PC. Just get it and get with it. Any questions? Well, the comment section is all yours.

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