An Autoplay option can be really helpful, in case you want to start a program instantly. But Video Autoplay option on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Netflix can be really annoying. And with many social media’s adding this feature to their sites, there has definitely been a problem of videos being automatically turned on just by scrolling over them- How To Stop Autoplay Videos on Facebook And Twitter .

Stop autoplay videos on facebook , twitter , instagram and much more

                                                         AUTO-PLAY VIDEOS: A BLESSING OR CURSE?

This social media network offers autoplay of not just videos like vines but also with Gif files, which even creates further problems. Now if you are searching for ” How To Stop Autoplay Videos on Facebook And Twitter ” you came to the right place. And as a matter of fact, I am going to include even other sites like Instagram, YouTube, and even Netflix.

There can be 2 main reasons why this advance Video Autoplay feature has been disliked by many users:

  1. The constant looping of the autoplay service causes over consumption of data even when you are on your iPhone’s safari or chrome or any other browser.
  2. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other sites sometimes contain inappropriate contents which can be offensive to views and autoplay option even makes it worse through auto-playing any video or gif contents.

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So now let me take you through all the possible ways on How To Stop Autoplay Videos on Facebook And Twitter.

How To Stop Autoplay Videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube & Netflix :

Stop Autoplay Videos on Facebook:

Autoplay inFacebook offers easy access to videos and also provide easy views to the video uploader. But the problem arises with all inappropriate videos and the consumption of excess data. So to Disable Autoplay Videos on facebook all you have to do is Go To Settings > Video > Now select the desired drop down menu referral to the Autoplay video and Turn it off ( By Default Autoplay Video Should Be Turned On, Turn Autoplay To Off).

Stop Autoplay Videos on Twitter- For Both iOS &

Twitter has offered the Autoplay Videos option through their official site and even on iOS and heres how you can stop it. For iOS users simply go to  Settings> Video Autoplay > select Never Play Video Automatically ( Easy for iOS users). Choosing this option will help you to save alot of your mobile data and even faster loading and browsing experience on Twitter.

And for Official Site users i.e, all you have to do is go to Settings> Account> Video Tweets and simply click on uncheck Autoplay Videos.

(NOTE: Android users are safe for now, as Autoplay Video on Twitter didn’t hit the Android OS till now).

Stop Autoplay Videos on Instagram:

Instagram which is a trending site amongst all webbrowsers and even for those who browser Instagram from their phone. For phone users it is really annoying to watch a 15sec video simply when you are browsing through the pages of Instagram. And making it worst the amount of data it consues when you are on mobile data network. And as Facebook now owns Instagram you can opt for a less data charging Autoplay Videos on Instagram. And all you have to do is simply by Click on Profile and go to Gears( for iOS users) and into Hamburger ( for android Users) and Click on Cellular Data Use and choose Use Less Data for lowering your mobile data charges.

Stop Autoplay Videos on Youtube:

Now to talk about  Youtube, the Video Autoplay on Youtube on youtube can be really heart wretching and costly. You are enjoying your daily youtube videos and you clicked on a new tab and what you see is another video being automatically. Now to disable this feature you simply have to head over to the Video and click on the Gear/Setting button on the player and you will be able to see an Autoplay option right on the top, slide it to the left and disable Autoplay Videos on Youtube (It will Turn Red to Black).

Stop Autoplay Videos on Netflix:

Netflix…. Oh the spent on Netfix with you friends and loved ones is unforgetable and even by yourself watching the last episode of Mad Man and just as the episode ends you will be offered with the next episode automatically.Which you don’t want to watch or watch it later but if offered right infront of your face by the Autoplay Video onNetflix feature. To disable this feature Click on Playback Option and uncheck the option of Play Next Episode Automatically and that it.

So these are the simplest ways on How To Stop Autoplay Videos on Facebook and Twitter also on Instagram, youtube and even Netflix. So now that you know How To Stop Autoplay Videos on Facebook and Twitter you can easily avoid this annoying autoplay videos and even save a few buck in the process.

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