For this digital generation without instant messaging apps can’t even imagine our life. Instant messaging apps are part and parcel for human being to get connected for various purposes. Same as that if we have a look on Instant messaging apps we got bunch of apps in Instant messaging segment.  With no doubt WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app in this category. WhatsApp allows you to exchange conversations free of cost.

whatsapp web

WhatsApp especially Smartphone oriented based on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows etc. Until Last year WhatsApp was limited to Smartphone’s only; WhatsApp official recently integrated WhatsApp Web which is allow existing WhatsApp users to use WhatsApp experience on their PCs.

Essential Requirements:

  1. Users need an active WhatsApp account.
  2. Stable internet, both on their Smartphone’s and PCs.
  3. Latest browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari also user should have.

Note: WhatsApp Web currently don’t support on Internet Explorer.


  1. Earlier WhatsApp team has stop supporting for Blackberry devices (including Blackberry 10), Nokia S40, Nokia Symbian S60, Android version 2.1, Android version 2.2, Windows phone version 7.1 so users of this platforms cannot expect to you use WhatsApp Web.


  1. Internet Explorer users won’t be able to use WhatsApp Web, as mentioned by the WhatsApp official team. So, If the user don’t have installed alternative of Internet Explorer should have install supporting browser to use WhatsApp Web.
  2. Users need a latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari on their PC, apart from that user need an updated version of WhatsApp app on their device as well as. So, you have a clear indication to follow up.
  3. To use WhatsApp Web user must have stable internet connection all the time, while user conversation going on.


How To Use WhatsApp Web On PC?


We can have the fun of this amazing instant meseenger even on bigger screens. Check out the below tricks, so that you can have your own WhatsApp web on PC computers.

Step 1: First and foremost, you simply need to go to WhatsApp Web site on their browser or Click here

Step 2: Once you get into WhatsApp web, you will see a small square QR code located on the top left-side of the Homepage.

scan QR code

Step 3: Now, from here, you will need to follow following mentioned procedure

  • For Android devices: in the Chats screen > tap Menu > then tap WhatsApp Web.
  • For Windows and Nokia S60 Phone: select Menu > finally tap WhatsApp Web.
  • For iPhone devices: select Settings > then tap WhatsApp Web.
  • BlackBerry deices: select Chats > tap Menu > and then WhatsApp Web.
  • For BlackBerry 10: Simply Swipe down to the bottom of screen > then hit WhatsApp Web option.
  • And Nokia S40Swipe up to the top of screen > select WhatsApp Web.

Step 4: As mentioned above now user have to scan the QR code showing on WhatsApp Web after that the web screen will automatically load all of your WhatsApp recent chats on the PC screen, here you on the go.

whatsapp for pc


Hope, you flawlessly come through the article. Using this toool on your PC has many limitations still if you are at the office WhatsApp Web can be good alternative for you. This can allow you to keep going your conversation without checking your mobile again and again in front of your boss.

WhatsApp for desktop is officially launched, now you don’t need to brows for Web every time you want to use WhatsApp on PC. Here is the guidehow to download and use WhatsApp Desktop App“.

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