We all know about WhatsApp messenger, its popularity, and fame. We have witnessed WhatsApp emerged in the messenger arena, kicked out the Short Messaging Service (SMS) from the field; and today, no other instant messaging app can get to reach the place where WhatsApp is ruling over.

WhatsApp has been too popular since its very first business days. Over the time, the popularity of WhatsApp is still growing insanely.

Utilizing such huge popularity of WhatsApp, many intelligent minds were trying to make this instant messaging app even better.

That’s how WhatsApp+ for Android app got its appearance and name in the Mobile platform.

whatsapp plus for android

What is This WhatsApp+ Actually?

WhatsApp+ or WhatsApp plus technically not developed by the official developers of the original WhatsApp app, but not any less in talents from the original developers.

Meanwhile, WhastApp+ had appeared as even better than the original WhataApp app. And suddenly millions of users started getting interests in WhatsApp+ for Android mobiles.

However, Google did not approved WhatsApp plus to do business via their platform, you can still have this app for your Android devices from other sources.

WhatsApp+ for Android Features-

The App is not an official product and you may get a little hesitation to use it. Well, I am telling you (mark my word), you neither be facing any hassle, nor you going to regret for downloading WhatsApp plus for Android and using it.

The following WhatsApp Plus for Android features will be making it clear for you.

1: Using WhastApp+, you may able to upload or share a file of maximum 50 MB.

2: While the original WhatsApp app does not allow you to change the color or texture, the WhatsApp plus for Android lets you to change background color, icon, and Notification just like that.

3: More to the changing of colors, you can make changes in color of header, individual contacts and a certain group.

4: Various media files such as Videos, Images, and Music tracts can be sent without compressing them. So, you can share High Definition media contents with friends and families seamlessly.

5: You can customize your WhatsApp+ with various attractive themes free of cost. Isn’t it freaking awesome?!

6: Now how about changing the font color, font style, contact fonts, and making different color of different messages? This is just crazy!

How to Download & Install WhatsApp Plus for Android?

Alright, I can smell aggression. You are furiously tempting get this coolest app right there in your Android Smartphone or Tab.

Keeping you waiting no longer, below here I have implemented a link for free downloading of the latest WhatsApp+ for Android devices.

Download WhatsApp+ right here

From the above given link you can freely download the latest version of WhatsApp plus. But, hold it right there. Before you proceed to download and install the app, you may need to make some changes your mobile settings.

Here is the step by step instruction to install WhatsApp plus for Android

Step 1: As I have mentioned earlier that WhatsApp+ is not authorized by Google, and it is not available in Google Play store.

In order to get this app from other sources, you will need to Enable Unknown Sources in the phone setting. To do this-

  • Go to your mobile “Settings” option.
  • Next, hit the “Security” option.
  • And then, locate and enable the “Unknown Source” option.

whatsapp plus for android

Step 2: Now you can open the download WhatsApp+ file and proceed to install it in your Android device.


Once you have downloaded and installed WhatsApp+ in your Android device, you will see how your friends gets shock and jealoused of your awesome looking a different kind of WhatsApp messenger. In case you face any issues while getting the WhatsApp+ for Android, the comment section is all yours.

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