Recover deleted WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp is the most common app today available in every smartphones. It is natural that you use this applications for messaging, exchanging pictures with your friends and sometimes making free calls as well.

This comprehensive app helps you to constantly text with any numbers of people through your Smartphone. You can make a group chat as well through this application. Thus, it is a very interactive app which helps you to be in-touch with your dear ones.

However, what happens when your important messages of your WhatsApp account gets lost? Probably, you might fall in hot temper or feel helpless thinking about those deleted messages. Nevertheless, your messages gets deleted for any reason, but you will definitely want to get them back in your mobile to recover deleted conversation of WhatsApp .

You can protect your WhatsApp messages from getting lost in any circumstances by saving all your messages and chats in Google Drive. It is the best option because in case your lost your mobile this will help you to get your entire WhatsApp messages back in your new phone.

Just go through this article who knows your problem might get solved and you get a good relief. Here, i will discuss some of the way to recover your deleted conversation of WhatsApp from your mobile.

Steps to recover deleted conversation of WhatsApp on iPhone

  1. first of all you can download the WhatsApp Recovery software and install them in your iPhone device.
  2. secondly, connect it with the computer
  3. now, you will find “Recovery from IOS device” mode.
  4. now select the deleted messages by analyzing on your iPhone.
  5. now get your lost messages back in your iPhone.

Steps to recover deleted conversation of WhatsApp on Android

To recover your WhatsApp messages in Android device is not that tough, just follow this steps and gets a quick solution to your pro

  1. connect your android device with computer first of all with USB cable .
  2. download the WhatsApp Recovery software in the computer and install it.
  3. you can enable the USB debugging with your device now.
  4. with the help of the installed software analyze the deleted messages.
  5. now you can preview all the deleted WhatsApp messages available, restore them back by selecting.
  6. wait until the whole procedure gets completed.

Steps to recover deleted conversation of WhatsApp in IOS

  1. open the WhatsApp and navigate to settings.
  2. there is several options under the setting button, select ‘Chat Settings’
  3. now, you will find “Chat Backup” just click to it, here you will able to preview all the backup messages.
  4. to backup your WhatsApp messages choose the ‘Back Up Now’ button.
  5. by now all your deleted messages will be backup in iCloud and you can easily avail those messages from there.

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How to recover deleted conversation of WhatsApp in iPhone

  1. to recover your message history in iPhone first connect the iPhone with the computer using USB.
  2. now you can scan to detect your iPhone by clicking “Start Scan” and the process begins automatically.
  3. once the scan gets completed, it displays the list of lost WhatsApp messaging history.
  4. from the preview you can select your desired messages by clicking on “WhatsApp Attachments”
  5. after you have selected all necessary messages and made attachments, you can click on ‘Recovery’ button.
  6. this way you will get back all the lost messages in your iPhone.

Thus, if you experience the grief of loosing all the unread and important messages, you can follow the steps as mention above and find your messages back in your devices. Nevertheless, you can always a way when there is a wheel.

Now, you can easily access to all the deleted conversation and by simply allowing your device to go through certain steps.

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