Saving for our device’s battery life is very necessary and it is a lot more difficult to save when your smartphone is Android. Most, probably we have to save our battery power manually by turning down screen brightness, disabled mobile data when it not in use, and other methods. You’ll get the pre-set “Battery Saver Mode” option on your android device, but it becomes useless after half an hour away. However, there are the best recommended and awesome apps that can help you out to save your Android Battery life for long lasting.

Battery Saving Apps for Android

There will be a tons Battery saver apps which you’ll get on the Google, but you are confused to download them as your best one isn’t it? Because you can’t fully rely or trust on it. No need to worry at all, I’ll give you some best Battery saver apps for your Android device and it will help you or work properly to save your battery life some Best Battery Saver.

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Some Best Battery Saving Apps for Android Devices:

  • Amplify Battery Saver The Battery Saving Apps for Android [Root Only]

Amplify root-only is the application which helps you to control on different things including saving your battery life. You can stop your wake up lock apps which wake your Android Device constantly and it has the ability to control other things such as Apps, Alarms and lots of services that drains your battery life. It’s very easy to use and free to download the pro version along with additional features. You can download this app from the Google Play Store.

Battery Saver android apps

  • Battery Saver App 2016 The best Battery Saving Apps for Android:

This is another recommended Battery saver app of 2016. If you are annoyed about draining battery life, then you can pick this Battery Saver App 2016 which will resolve your battery power issue. It’s free to download 2016 version. It helps you to detect that which one is draining your battery life rapidly. Battery Saver App 2016 provides you by containing Mobile data, Toggles for Wi-Fi, GPS, Flight Mode, Bluetooth, and others which you can manage all by yourself when you don’t use them. You can even manage your Home Screen brightness via Brightness Slider or controller.

  • Greenify Battery Saver App The Battery Saving Apps for Android:

Greenify app is the wonderful and unique app among other battery saver apps. Root-only or Non-root users both can also use this Battery saver app which is a big deal on these days’. Greenify Battery saver app is free to download, it’s available on the Google Play Store. This app stops your waking up notifications of your device. So, you can pick this Greenify Battery App for yourAndroid Device.

Battery Saver for android

  • GSam Battery Monitor The Battery Saving Apps for Android

GSam Battery Monitor helps you to find out that apps which are draining your battery life the most. App sucker is the feature key and it helps to identify apps that causing major problems in your device by draining out your battery power. You can download this app for free.

  • Service Battery Saving Apps for Android [Root-only]

This is another best app among the toppers and this for root-only users. This Service Battery Saver helps you to prevent from apps and services that running at the system-level. It’s easy to use and understand. This app also stops the wake locks which is cause problem to your device. You can download this app from Google Play Store.

However, These battery saver apps are the best and highly recommended app. Millions of people are using those apps these days’ and you can also pick any one of them as your battery saver app. If you are suffering from draining battery issues, then just download it.

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