Root Android without PC

Rooting your Android device simply means that it let you access to all the files in your mobile. It is similar with Jailbreaking of iPhone. If you want to access to the root directory of your Android mobile then just Root your device.

It is common to Root your Android phones connecting it with PC or Computer, but it is also possible to Root without any of them. so, in this article i will discuss little about how to Root your Android phones without the help of PC or Computer.

Advantages of Rooting

  • this help you to access to all the files in your mobile and help you manage your files by editing or else deleting it completely from the system.
  • this also helps in charging your battery for long run through under clocking the CPU of your android device.
  • it increases your Internal phone memory and help you easily swap the micro card.
  • helps you to access many apps which couldn’t be possible before rooting.

Disadvantages of Rooting

  • to root your Android mobile seems risky because if a single mistake occur during the entire process, your phone can be hard brick.
  • the rooting process have to go through several steps like resetting hard which consumes quite a lot of data.
  • rooting your mobile means losing warranty of your phone, which let you in choosing either or.
  • sometimes you might need to overcome random reboots which crashes all your applications.

Steps to Root your Android phone using APK

  • You can download the Root apps apk from the given link first and install in your mobile.
  • there may occur many pop-up which will ask you to install, in such case just go to Settings and click on unknown.
  • you can install the apk by now, just install it.
  • now, open the application and you will find the root button.
  • just click on the root button and get your Android device rooted easily with this app.

Some Best Apps for Rooting Android Phones

Use CF Auto Root Application

This is one of the best apps for rooting your android device without the help of any computer or PC. Following are some of the steps:

  1. first download the CF Auto Root in your android device.
  2. now install the APK of CF Auto root and open the app.
  3. finally, click on “Root my Phone” button.
  4. now, you can restart your phone check if the process is successful or not.

Use Z4Root Application


this application is one of the best and oldest which enables you to root avoiding any kind of risks. the steps are as follows:

  1. first of all, download the application from the download link.
  2. now, install the Z4Root APK and open it in your phone.
  3. the Root button will appear, click to it and wait for a while until the rooting gets completed.
  4. finally, restart your phone once the process gets completed.

Use iRoot Application

This is also among the best rooting files that gain a good review throughout the years. You can easily follow the following steps to use this for rooting your device.

  1. from the download button you can download the app.
  2. now tap on the file to install in your device
  3. open the application and tap in ‘I Agree’.
  4. now, click the Root button and the process begins, wait until it gets completed.
  5. finally, restart your android device as usual after your device gets rooted.

Thus, compiling your files and applications in your Android phones has become quite easy by the coming of these apps. You no need to use PC or Computer for rebooting your phone, because it seems to be time-consuming.

So, reboot your Android phones with any of the above mention APK applications and enjoy accessing to unlimited applications.


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