Hi, Guys! Have you ever tried any game in your Notepad using different Notepad codes? If no, well you don’t need to panic about it. This will be new things that you will be amazed by its programming codes in your PC. It is a simple Notepad program that is on your PC, and it acts to be very powerful programming tools. Though it is very powerful programs, it is also very east to learn.


notepad codes

Here in the content below I will show you some of the game tricks in the notepad that you would have never been come across. You will just need to use the notepad program and its programming language so called “Batch.”

Batch is a language that you will find it runs primarily out of your windows in a command prompt. Well, it is not even close that we can say this is the most powerful language in command prompt. But it is still enough for you to know about it in the computer field. This Notepad codes will help you to create a game in the PC and play, also it will help you to solve various types of issues.

This code in the notepad is not only useful, but it will also help you to create various types of “text-based games.” Now for sure you might be wondering, what exactly is a text-based game? It is just a game that the user can easily interact with the use of the text and be making a simple choice. But note it that you will need to arrange the characters according to the issues, as that will help you to solve the problems on the PC.

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Quick Reminder for you about Notepad codes:

Before stepping out into the actual notepad codes, First I would like to share you some of the few tricks that you need to maintain in the Notepad. Please note it that you do need to keep all the commands in a separate line. So that as soon as you enter the characters in the line then hit the “Enter” button on your keyboard to move to the next line.

Secondly, I would like to remind you about the Batch files, all you need to do is read it from first to end. If you ignore it, the code at the top will be directly interpreted, and it will run before the code in the bottom. Make sure that you do check out the batch file before you run.

If you do face a problem and your game doesn’t work properly, then you will need to -go back and make sure that you haven’t made any errors in the Programs.

Let’s Start With Notepad:

Now, let’s start opening a Notepad on your PC.

First Click to you start menu icon and go to “All Programs.” on your PC. Then you will find all the programs appearing on your screen; then you will notice the so-called file “Accessories.” After you find the accessories folders on your screen go and find for the Notepad, then click on it to open the file.

notepad game tricks

Code for Notepad: 

Opening the file get ready to type the first lines of your Notepad codes to it. Here command is the types of words that when we typed in the program have a function with the following words such as like Pause or echo commands.

I will share you few commands that will help you to play a game on the PC using Notepad game code list. They are listed below!

notepad codes as echo

  • @echo off: This command will help you to erase all types of unwanted text, that which can interrupt during the game. Make sure that you add this command to your file, as it is added to it you don’t have to type it again for it.
  • echo.: This is a command in the Notepad that will help you to create a blank line in your game. Unfortunately, this command will help to keep all of your text uncultured.
  • Pause: This command “pause” in the notepad will help you to take a break, and it is frequently used when you would like to give them a break so that they can read the text on the screen. While using this code in the notepad, you will get an option to “press any key to continue.” Then your players can press the key on your keyboard and continue playing whenever they are ready.
  • Echo: The command echo in the notepad usually help to display the regular text in the game. For example, if you do type the character “echo Bye Dear!”, then your people who are playing your particular game will see it as “Bye Dear!”

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Second Set of Commands that will amaze you:

Let me help you with some of the few notepad codes list that will certainly amaze you with its stunning features. You will be able to create a game with the help of notepad codes in your PC. Here are given below…!

  • exit: The character itself sounds like it does in the notepad, as it helps to close the games. Note that you use this command when the character reaches the end point of the game or else you can use when you want to close the game or while making a wrong decision.
  • cls: Most of you must have already used the command cls in the notepad to create a game with the notepad. The character cls stands for “clear screen” and probably it helps to remove all of the text that is made in the cmd(command prompt) window. In fact, this tool is the best regarding keeping your game clean and order.
  • tittle: This command will help you to see the title display whenever you type a title in the bar of the command prompt window.
  • Color: Using this command will be y big fun to use, and it can be used to liven up your game. Note it when you do add the color code to the notepad that is followed by the space and the specific set of the numbers or a letter, you will be able to change the colors of the command prompt window. For various types of colors, you can check the procedure in the given list below. You can also access to the command prompt by simply going back to the accessories folder in the start menu of your screen. This should be placed on the same list as similar to the Notepad.
    notepad game tricks

Let’s have a short term of break

Now let’s go back and review what so far have discussed the basic commands for the notepad. In the above, I have shown you various types of codes that can be used for the games on your PC. Note that each command must be in a different line, such as like you hit the ‘enter’ button after every command is typed.

Have a look at the screenshot that I have given in the below, so that it will help you to get a knowledge of how the format looks like.

  • Goto: The command goto is so simple as you know it how to handle it. This command is used for the player to jump from one another section of your game to other, as when making a sudden decision. Once you enter goto command to the notepad on a separate line, that will become a destination.

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Various types of Notepad codes that will amaze you:

Some of the commands that I am going to share you here is very advanced. They are very specific while you work with several other works, such as like small commands to correct the functions.

  • Set/p variable=: This command is usually used for the player who wants to insert the variables. This can vary from their name to their weapon name, or they can even answer to the choice you provide them. In fact, it will be easier if I share you the screen shot of how to create variables.
    Check out the procedure how did I use the “echo” command so that I ask my player what exactly is his name. Later I can go ahead and type.
  • Set/p name=: this is the place where the player will type his name. Whereas “name’ is in the variable line. All this what we are doing is just a setting(set) a variable(name) to equal(=) any user.
    Well, I will show you some of the references that we can place the name of two or more symbols “%.”
    For example: echo Hello %name%, my name is Tom.codes for notepad gamesThis will exactly feed the player with the text that he typed on the screen.

If: The command if is usually used when you want to create if/then statement. Else you can use in a conjunction along with the “set/p” so that you can create choices for the players.

  • You can ask the player with a question”echo” command. Note you clearly state the option for them.
  • Give them a chance to answer along with the “set/p” command.
  • Creating “if” statement will allow your player to have the option to continue the story.

“if” statement is used with the command “equ” and “neq” it means “equals” and “doesn’t equal” to the game.

This is the statement as it will look like:


echo YES or NO

set/p variable=

if %variable%equ YES goto situation1

if %variable% equ NO goto situation2

if %variable neq YES goto start

All of the above codes means that if the player in the game types “YES” he will be directed to the “situation1”. If the player types “NO” then he will be directed to “situation2″, or else if he types”NO” or”YES” then he will be directed to start the question again.

Make sure that you don’t type the code “neq YES” before “equ NO” else your player won’t be able to make it to the “solution2”.

How to Save: The last but not the least that I would like to show you is how to save your file to a particular source. As soon as you are done, you will have to click the “File” button in the above of the screen, then followed by clicking on the”save as.” Clicking on this you will find a display that appears on your screen to create your name and then save to the required source. But note it that you save the file as a Batch(.bat) file not as a regular text file(.txt).

.bat save files

For this, as you are done with your game name add .bat behind the source. Then you will have to go to “Save as type” and select “All Files.” After that, you just need to hit the options button “‘Save.”

Note, that you can edit your desired game at any time you want by just clicking on the batch file and selecting the option “edit.”


This is the easy Notepad codes for games which you can try out in your laptop or computers. But make sure that you always check the codes that you entered in the source so that everything runs smoothly. If you do have some related queries about the game codes, then feel free to ask. I will assist you with all the problems you got.

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