Hi, folks! Are you eager to open fixed deposit for your future investment? If yes you are on the right page. I will do my best to help you out with your future investment plan. Now you might be wondering what exactly is fixed deposit? Well, it is a plan provided by the bank sector so that you can invest your capital for tenure of period and get a pretty amount of return.

But before opening a fixed deposit account in the bank, it is very necessary that you know all the terms and condition of the bank. Let me be straight forward to you, that you deposit for the fixed deposit amount cannot be withdrawn until its maturity date. If you need to do so then you will be bearing a penalty to the bank authority.


The fixed deposit can be created for a fixed term of 1,3,5 and 10 years. Whereas, the interest rate is higher than the normal savings account. Note that you need to have an account in the particular banks for a fixed deposit.

Today’s generation most of the bank also allows its customers to open a fixed deposit account sitting at home from their official website. You will just need to go logging to your online banking account.  

Process for fixed deposit online:

Let me help you with some of the few tips, which you need to know before opening a fixed deposit.

  • First you will need to have a Savings Account with the particular bank that you will be opening a fixed deposit for a tenure period.
  • Then you will also need to have an Online banking facility, if you don’t have an access then you should contact to your nearest branch.
  • Mobile Banking is also required for all the savings accounts, if you don’t have got o the branch and contact.

Once you are done with this process, make sure that you do have laptop or computer connected with an internet. Than you can go for the further to open a fixed deposit online with any of the Indian bank.

Process for Fixed deposit offline:

For offline fixed deposit, you will need to go to the nearest branch and contact the branch manager.

  • First you will need to get a form for a particular fixed deposit that is available in the bank counter and fill it up. Make sure that you do put up the name of the nominee and the period of time according to your choice.
  • After the completion of the paper work you need to approach branch manager for authorised signature.
  • After the paper work is done, you will need to pay the required amount in cash to the cash counter and you will get a receipt.
  • Last but not the list please don’t forget to get the fixed deposit certificate for your future use.

So, if you are planning for the fixed deposit of any amount please contact your nearest branch or else to your saving account branch for the fixed deposit. Make sure that you don’t forget to ask the latest interest rate offered by the banks. If you do have any related queries please contact your branch manager for further assistance. Hope so I have helped you with the information to open a fixed deposit in the bank.

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