It is very difficult to hang on to the footprints of SEO, as it continuously keeps on transforming time to time. It has been seen that one SEO strategy is not sufficient to keep the rankings of SERPs. As the Google Algorithm keeps on updating and changing you also need to keep on learning the new strategies and tactics, so that your business doesn’t fall down.


2017 is about to come along with new strategies and new SEO trends, and it’s time to prepare for the challenges and competition which is coming next, adjust your content with the new SEO strategies and stay one step ahead of the competitors. Below are some of the SEO trends for 2017, you should know about.

Best SEO Tools For You:

1. Google‘s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for quick loading of pages:

AMP is a Google initiative project by which it allows the webmaster to easily build a better, more user-friendly mobile web pages. So, that the web pages will load faster on any mobile devices, by optimizing the WebPages in Lighter version HTML with the help of Google AMP now your pages will load four times faster than before. Looking at the increasing usage of mobile devices for browsing sites we can expect that in 2017, there will be more demand of AMPs. It is for sure that big brands will surely take the Advantages of it.

2. Rank Brain- Artificial Intelligence:

This innovation of Google Rank Brain is going to be very hard hit on the SEO strategies in the year 2017. Rank Brain is the automated machine learning program an extension of Google Hummingbird search algorithm. The rank brain automatically learns the phrases and sentences used in conversation by the users, and automatically update its algorithm correspondingly.


3. Personal Branding: 

Personal branding is going to be the secret weapon in 2017. You can easily have time for securing guest post and attracting more traffic to your site. It has been observed that only a few of the brands have taken the advantage of personal branding. Posting in social media platforms like facebook, twitter, etc is now very beneficial. It is expected to see more companies and organization to use the personal branding to compete in the market of 2017.

4. Page Loading Speed:

Page speed is also another factor which will effect on the ranking of your page in the SERPs (search engine result page); it has the power to dominate people focus totally. Slower the page loading speed lesser will be the number of visitors, it has been seen that a single second can improve the traffic by 20% increase, you might hear about AMP it is trending and as the mobile traffic is now overwhelming the desktop traffic. All the pages and sites need to be optimized by AMP in 2017 so that it doesn’t affect the rankings and traffic much.

page loading speed

5. Backlinks:

Backlinks are one of the important parts of the search engine optimization, as we know visitors are the most important part of many websites, this program is known as Backlinks help your blog or website to gain more visitors easily. Backlinks will mostly effect in the ranking of SERPs. Webmaster must have to give focus on the quality of the contents to gain the Backlinks as much as possible. And it is expected that the Backlinks will break the ground in the year of 2017. Educational and informative sites can benefit from the Backlinks mostly.

6. Dense Content is continuously rising:

Nobody wants to read the same contents again and again, with changed words or synonyms, you may notice that early content marketing companies provide their contents in big bit-sizes before they focus mostly on the bite size, but if you research present contents, you will find that the people are now absorbing the short sized more informative contents rather than the long comprehensive contents. It is trending now if you provide the dense contents providing as much as information in short and smallest spaces.

content writing and marketing


Well, the above-mentioned points are some of the trends which are expected to be seen in the year of 2017, from now on if you don’t plan for the future strategy, it might be hard for gaining the rankings or traffic in SERPs. Hope you got my points. Edureka is one site where you can learn about different courses including internet marketing related stuff, you can also grab the Edureka Promo code and save your money.

And lastly, if you have any questions or doubts regarding this page, feel free to comment. Hope you liked to read this blog. Thank you for reading.

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