Must Have Apps for iPhone – Today iPhones are becoming so popular that Apple released its new iPhone7 with iOS10. If you are thinking to buy an Apple phone then to run it smoothly, you also need apps as Apple App Store has one of the most outstanding collections of different apps. There are millions of apps in the Apple App Store which you may find it difficult to search which one is the 7 must have apps for the Apple Phone.

iPhones come up with a new list of apps, and these apps come with basic functions. Well, there a bunch of apps in the Apple App Store that you have been downloading since you know all their pros and cons.

So I will keep away some of the common apps like Twitter, Facebook, etc. and concentrate on the other apps.

Must have apps for iPhone

Must Have Apps for iOS

Top 7 Must Have Apps for iPhone/iPad/iPod

Of course, there are plenty of competitors for each app, but at least we should be aware of the basic function of those apps. All the apps in Apple App Store are free to use though some of the apps include price. If you are thinking to buy iPhone mobile, then you must have these apps downloaded.

Here you can check out the list of 7 must-have apps for your iPhone that you wish to download….

1: Instapaper

Instapaper app is the simplest way to save articles, and you can also store the articles for future reading, which means you can read the articles later when you are offline, or anytime anywhere. You can find amazing articles in the app. Not only that you can also browse daily articles or any web page you like.

This app makes you read comfortably, and it is one of the best apps on any mobile phones, and this app is absolutely free to download on your iPhone. What you have to do is simply install the Instapaper app on your iPhone.

2: Google Maps

This app directs you to find a way with the help of your iPhone. Using Google Maps installed on your iPhone you can find a way out to go through any street worldwide. With the help of this app, you can even walk around along the roads. Google Maps is the one of the best app and easy to use on your phone. You can just move around if you have the Google Map app.

Google Maps also shows information about places of interest and maps of the entire world. It also includes an explore feature where you can detect the time of the day, place and get information, not only that it will automatically detect your current location wherever you are it will display the name of the place on the screen of your phone.

3: Fooducate

Well, I am very much concern about my health. Are you? This food case app makes you aware of what type of food you are eating. And if you are a health conscious person then this app will be the right choice. Fooducate app gives you wealthy information for your healthy eating.

The main aim of food case is to give different types of foods a grade. These grades are given by dietician’s information. Fooducate also provides a good range of information about the ingredients in your food that you eat. This app is one of the best must-have apps for your iPhone. So please install it early.

4: Snap Chat

This app is basically used for chatting, video calling. Through this app, you can share you can share pictures instantly in no time. Images can also be taken from the app itself as snap chat can be a lot of fun to use. What you do is, click a picture, and you can write anything on top of the picture.

You can choose the amount of time you want the sender to watch your images and then send it. To start photo and video message, you just need to enter a phone number.

5: Feedly

This app is a must-have app for your iPhone.  This app is a full featured app and can be used even without a Feedly account. With this app, you can browse current news whenever you wish to read it. This app is awesome with its stunning design.

6: Shazam

Do you like to hear songs on your iPhone whenever you like? With Shazam app, you can do this in a short period. This app listens to music you hear and tells you what song is being played. It also gives you information about the band, lyrics, etc. I have been using Shazam for years, and I recommend this app the best.

7: Fun Run

For a little entertainment in life, you can install some games too. Yes, the Fun Run is the best app for playing games on your iPhone. I don’t play many games, but this Fun Run app is one of the games I like to enjoy. Even my niece loves this game.

Fun Run is an online game where up to four players can play. You can also play with your friends during your leisure hours.


These above mention 7 apps are the best must have apps for your iPhone. So what are you waiting for just go and install it? If you have any queries regarding the apps, then do let us know. We will be glad to help you out. And, for the music freaks, here are the Free iOS Mp3 Music Download Apps

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