Twitter is the most popular site which enables you to be aware of all the latest happening around the globe, and you will find news on the latest happening and trends. Twitter gets even better by its best apps which you will find in Android platform now.

Twitter Apps for Android

So, before getting any of the Twitter apps you have to know the best one for your purpose.

Top 7 Twitter Apps for Android

In this post, I will give you the top 7 twitter apps for android, and I hope you will find this post helpful. Some of these apps enable Twitter to function more smoothly and efficiently without any interruption.

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I hope you will like to know how some of these Twitter apps functions with their unique and sophisticated features.

1: Carbon for Twitter

It is one of the most popular apps which has lots of inbuilt features. The Trademark dark theme looks absolutely awesome and eye pleasing, and it supports images, videos, and gifts. This twitter app has multiple account support facility and sophisticated look. The app is totally free, and you can choose any categories to access quickly and easy browsing. It really can do many things as it has the most sophisticated features added within it.

2: HootSuite

It is one of the apps that can track many networks and enables you to check your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other. The most interesting features are that it allows you to post in different networks at a time and also enables you with notification of  Twitter and Facebook when somebody mentions you or some other cases. This Twitter app features stuff like analytics which is only for those who are in the business field.

3: Plume

Plume is one of the most interactive and useful Twitter apps for Android which is used by most of the people these days. This app is regularly updated, and its User Interface is made with a material look which is very impressive. There are some more features such as multiple account support, integration with Facebook, customization, etc. Overall, these app functions incredibly, and you can install the app easily on your Android device now.

4: Fenix for Twitter

The Fenix for Twitter is the most interactive app that features multi-account support, real-time updates, etc. It enables you to see latest trends and updated news every time you open the app. Within this app, you can swipe between the categories, mute users, and conversations. So, these entire features are quite interesting, and you can access to three theme colors such as light, dark and true black.

5: Talon for Twitter

The Talon is the best twitter app that has been Design with material looks which are quiet pleasing to the eye. The app has an absolutely classic user interface where you can easily use all the options, and it also features two accounts on your Android platform. Some of its more interesting features are Wear support,  YouTube player and night mode. You can try the app before you get this for your Android.

6: Tinfoil for Twitter

It is one of the classic Twitters apps that has different kinds of premises and actually it is the best app for the Twitter app. Tinfoil allows you to quickly use the Twitter account without even visiting the site. Though it is not completely a Twitter app, it gives amazing experience, and it’s features are really awesome. However, this app doesn’t work as quick as a dedicated mobile app.

7: TweetCaster for Twitter

This is one of the exclusive Twitter apps and is on the list of the best alternative Twitter app on the internet now. TweetCaster has best-listed features available which include multiple accounts, enables to post photos and other data on Facebook, allows you to mute posts, add share other contents, enables you to keep a look on Twitter status and much more.


I hope that you are aware of the Top 7 Twitter app for Android now and you can easily get any of this app to get an amazing experience. Thus, you are on the most resourceful page to make a decision for improving your Twitter functioning.


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