Best E learning portals in 2017

E-learning stands for electronic learning. Electronic learning is directly connected to online and offline education based system. In eLearning system, you will find a vast number types of subjects and departments. Due to high education fees of the different institute, and colleges, many students prefers eLearning technique. By taking this thing in mind, today I will discuss “Best eLearning portal in 2017”.

Back in the days, it was compulsory for students to go school/college/institute for education. But with the advancement of technology, the whole education system has changed. Earlier, if you had any doubt while attending any class, the only solution was to ask for the subject teacher’s help but now thanks to Google, anyone could get some assist within a matter of minutes.

Nowadays, many websites are available on the Internet for eLearning. From these many of them comes with as free or as paid one.

Best eLearning portal in 2017:

First of all, I will start with w3schools,

  • W3schools:

W3school is one of the best free eLearning sites that I ever saw. For every beginner to final year students, it is one of the most valuable sites. In w3school you can learn about SQI, HTML, CSS, PHP, Jquery, and much more.

On this site, you will find a complete of web development language with the free testing field with an easy taskbar. In addition, they also issue certificates for the participants who takes part in their exam.

Like w3schools, it’s also a free online education site. For accessing their content, you need to sign up with your email address. Classes of different subjects are taken by specialists.

And also it is designed in such a way that any student can easily access it without any kind of interruption.

  • Edureka:

Edureka is one of the best eLearning sites like W3schools. Edureka comes with live e-learning platform. You will find almost every learning course with Ebooks and videos. All the tutorials are very flexible, hence makes it every easy for students to catch up. In edureka all the courses are created by expert teachers of many institutes.

Anyone can register in Edureka for their service. The main thing is that there is no free plan for edureka student. They only come with paid plans. But recently they are offering courses at some huge discount rate.

  • Edureka Coupon: As I told you, recently edureka is offering huge discounts,  as a newcomer, you can use the edureka promo code.
  • Academic Earth:

Academic Earth is an eLearning website that is created for the next generation. This site is designed in a unique way and also comes with the unique concept of the next level of education.

They planned to reach to worldwide audience.


These were some of the interesting sites for eLearning site gives the student the freedom to learn from home. Anyways, if you have any problem regarding that you can share with us by commenting in the comment section below.

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