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Best Music Player for Android: Android phone is now a very common device which is used worldwide. And since old days listening music is the trends for making any moment delightful. And as the new technology arises such as the Android phone, you can have all the functions like a phone call, camera, and music on your phone. But as the default music player that we all got in our phone has become very outdated and it does not cope up with our need for the high-quality sound system.

All the latest music includes very well define quality which is like- mp3, mp4, WMA, Ogg, FLAC, tta etc. And this varying in quality gives a listener a very great way for enjoying the music. But as using the default music player, you won’t experience such tempo in the sound. Thus you should come with a new application that can run all the high-quality sound on your Android phone. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 best Music player for Android. All these apps are available in the Google play store and are free to download, also long with this you can check few stream movies free website list.

Top 5 Best Music Player for Android

Music Player – Audio Beats

Audio Beats is a user-friendly App and have a very sleek and stylish design. This gives you much better experience to listen to the music and enjoy your moment. Unlike the old default music player, here you will get much better accessibility for listening music. It supports all the music formats like mp3, mp4, WMA, Ogg, FLAC, tta etc. and its features are like smart play queues, easy drag and use to play the music, powerful search system, shuffle, playlist options, notification controls, quick access to current song, navigation and much more. So this is a perfect app for a music lover.

Best Music Player for Android

Click to download Audio Beats

Google play Music

The Google Play Music is a very popular music player and it can be download or also it is present as default in the Google App launcher. You can upgrade and get the best feature of this app. This app will not only let you listen to the Music but also will help you download any song from your app. It supports all the music format and you can listen to the song according to the music genre.

It also has Radio inbuilt in it for you explore more music. You can store up to 50,000 songs and create your own playlist. You can shuffle and also search the desired song, you can change the set ups which is that you can make changes in the equalizer for better music. It also has smart recommendations that can set the music of according to your needs.

Best Music Player for Android

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Music Player

The music player is a very simple yet very powerful app that will get many awesome tools inbuilt in it. This MP3 Player will not only play a music but also allow you to create ringtones from your favorite songs with the help of MP3 Cutter tool. An additional feature is like- 5 band equalizer, ringtone maker, Lock screen music player control, music notification, supports all audio format and supports to all device like Android, iOS etc.

Best Music Player for Android

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The shuttle is a very powerful music player which you can get it for free. It gives you high-quality music experience and you can customize it to your own style. Shuttle have some of the features like- All music format supportive, Gapless playback, 6 Band equalizer, Bass booster, many themes like light & dark mode, sleep timer, customizable widgets and much more. So when you download and install the app, you can experience the best app for playing music on your phone.

Best Music Player for Android

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VLC player is a very common video player for Windows PC and now its is also available for the Android device too. Here you can not only watch the video but also you can listen the audio. This app is very user-friendly, as you can play all the audio format whereas you can also play the video and listen to only the music as MP3. And in this way the sound of the video which you can play even if the screen is off i.e. play music on your background.

best music player app

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How to Download Music Player for Android Device

To download the app on your Android device, you simply get it from your Google Playstore app. And you can also get the apps downloading the APK file and installing it on your phone.

Download Music Player via Google Play Store

  1. Go to the Google play store from your phone and open
  2. Now type and search for the desired app
  3. Click Install, to download and install the app
  4. Download process will take few moments depending on your internet speed
  5. SO finally, your new Music player app is installed and are ready to run.

Download Music Player via APK file

Those user who have not got their Google account, they can only download the app using the APK file.

  1. For downloading the APK file, you first have to make changes in your phone settings.
  2. Setting>Security>Device Administration> Enable the Unknown Source
  3. Now you are ready to download and install the APK file of the music App
  4. Type and search for the desired app
  5. Next, download the APK file from the desired source or link
  6. Finally, install the app on your phone.

Note: All the apps shown above are free to download and are available.


So these are the full details for the Top 5 Best Music Player for Android Device. All the app are equally popular and are very useful when it comes for listen the high-quality sound. Hope you have download a music player app and started to enjoy the cool musics. And we hope this article to be very helpful and we will be very much thank to know your feedback. For more interesting fact and latest updates keep visiting our site.

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