Best Wifi Booster Apps For Android To Use

Are you searching for best wifi booster apps for your Android device? If so, in this post, I am going to share you some of the best apps, which will boost your android wifi signal strength faster. Sometimes wifi occurs some problems like the internet not running fast, getting the poor signal and much more. In that case, these types of apps will help you to strengthen your poor wifi signal and gives you fast connectivity over your android device.

best wifi booster apps

Now, talking about the best wifi booster apps, there are many apps which are available in Google play store but, as users always go for the best one. Therefore, in the below, I have highlighted some of the best Booster Apps for your Android device.

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10 best Wifi booster Apps for your device:

Here are the 10 best Apps that will give your Smartphone better wifi signal strength and faster internet connection. So, have a look.

1. WIFI Speed booster:

This is one of the best free android Wifi booster App which will help you to boost your wifi speed with 2 times faster, than the normal strength of your wifi. Some of your Android Apps consume data even after you used them and closed. So, in that matter, this app will investigate and scans those apps and disable them to consume data. Thus, if you want to get high internet speed on your android device then, download wifi Speed Booster App and boost the speed of wifi instantly.

wifi booster app

2. WiFi Easy booster App:

This app progress wireless connection speed higher than the actual speed. And it has a little different power of boosting the speed of wifi on the android device, as compared to others wifi booster app. Wifi Easy Booster is also one of the powerful apps for boosting Wifi signal, and it is easy and simple to use.

Wifi Easy Booster app disconnects your present internet connection and re-connects with a new connection to the wifi router, but to boost, first, you need to install the App on your Android device. Therefore, this app improves the speed of wifi and gives you fast streaming videos, downloading, transferring etc, on your android device.

wifi booster app

3. Wifi Signal Booster:

Wifi Signal booster is another one of the best wifi booster apps for the android device. This app will give you a better and higher internet speed with better wifi signal on your Smartphone.  Wifi Signal Booster also optimizes the wifi module and progress the wifi network; therefore, it improves the wifi signal and also boosts wi-fi signal strength.

wifi booster app

4. Wifi Signal Strength:

Like other Wifi booster apps, it is also one of the powerful wifi booster apps for the Android device, and this app improves up to a certain percentage of your Smartphone wifi signal speed. This app also gives you the latest updates information of wifi signal strength that you are connected, and let you view the present signal strength of your on your Android device.

wifi strength

5. WiFi Manager:

Wifi Manager App allows you to get wifi hotspot and connect the best network also manage the signal on your android device. It also automatically finds out and scans open network wifi nearby you. Not only this but, it shows different info such as wifi strength, the speed of wifi connection etc on your android device.

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Wifi Manager also has a geographical channel and that improves your network connection with the best quality, and it switches with dynamic and fixed IP address. Therefore, this app boasts wifi signal strength strongly on your Smartphone.

Wifi manager

6. Wifi Analyzer App:

This is also another one of the best wifi booster apps for an android device and this app let you get the best hotspot channels of wifi nearby you. It also allows you to locate, trace any wifi hotspot around you and it also lets you select the highest wifi network strength on your Smartphone.

Wifi Analyzer app also has the ability to get easily the crowded wifi channel for your wifi router that you are using. It has free and simple user interface thus, it is very easy to use on your Android device.

wifi analyzer

7. Internet optimizer and booster:

This app has the ability to optimize the speed of wifi network and it makes increases your internet for faster browsing on your android device. It also keeps your internet browsers speed always in a better position. This app doesn’t matter whether you are using mobile data like 2G, 3G, LTE, or wifi network, it can boost the entire network because it is completely an internet booster App.

internet booster

8. Wifi Rader

Like the other wifi booster apps, this app also finds out the wifi hotspot network channel around you, and also find out the best wifi channel connection. Wifi Radar also has unique features like default password recovery for users wifi network, signal strength graphs analyzer, channel analyzer and 360 degrees radar scans with compass image. So, now, if you are eager to download wifi Radar app and use, you can easily get the app on Google play store freely.

wifi radar

9. WiFinder:

WiFinder is also one of the popular wifi boosters App for android device. WiFinder let you connect all types of wifi network like WEP, WPA2, WPA, and Open. It also has the ability to find out the best wifi signal around you, if you are near some wifi network. WiFinder allows users to rate the strength of wifi network.


10. Wifi Overview 360:

It is also one of the best wireless network scanner apps for the android device. This app is also powerful wifi detector and it has unique features like, you can adjust wifi priority on your own, scans wifi network, automatic wifi ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’, you can add any network on your own, provides you all detail information of wifi, you can check the best channel and select for your device etc. One of the best things about this app is that it supports all kinds of Android device, and it is available on Google Play Store.

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wifi overview

So, these are the 10 best Wifi Booster Apps for Android device, which will help you to scans wifi signal strength on your Android device. All the apps mentioned above have the abilities to provide you the best wifi channel around you by detecting and scanning. Therefore, I hope these provided 10 apps will give your desired results. Hence, if you have any doubt regarding this post, use the below comment section and leave your comment.

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