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Best Website To Trick Your Friends And Make Them Fool

Most of the youngsters of this modern days, really love to make a fool of their friends through a website, as making full to the friends seems something funny, they really enjoy making a fool of their friend by the tricks and tips provided by the website, some best website really provide different tricks and ...

Best Music Player for Android Device and Phones

Best Music Player for Android: Android phone is now a very common device which is used worldwide. And since old days listening music is the trends for making any moment delightful. And as the new technology arises such as the Android phone, you can have all the functions like a phone call, camera, and music on your ...

How To Restore An Apple Device With iCloud Backup?

Today in this tutorial, I am going to tell you how to restore an Apple device with iCloud backup. If you are new to Apple family and don't know about iCloud then here are some lines for you. Apple has hit a home run with its latest introduction of iCloud. The iCloud is basically cloud storage ...

How to Logout From Facebook Messenger

FB messenger is Facebook's own messaging app, which allows you to chat with people who are online or offline. It's like sending messages to your closed one without spending any money. With time, Facebook as updated its app, hence now not only can send text messages but you can also do video calling. Through facebook messenger, ...

Interesting Codes to Create Notepad Virus in PC

A virus can be described as a malware that is made to infect your computer, which ultimately results in some kind of malfuction. A virus can be created multiple ways, if you are a windows user then you yourself without any coding knowledge can create a virus. And, more importantly, you also don't need any ...

Create A Game With Notepad Codes On Your PC

We all love to play games, whether it's racing, shooting or strategy based. But how many of us have ever tried to create their own games. The percentage will be very short, nonetheless, if you are really interested in making one then I will urge to keep reading. Now, I am sure you are aware of ...
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