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10 Best Notepad Tricks For PC You Must Try Today

A Notepad is a tool that is present in every Windows operating system. It is very helpful when you want to create a note quickly. Files created in notepad are saved in .txt format and it is supported by all text editors. The files created by notepad are well suited to edit, modify etc, in ...

Interesting Codes to Create Notepad Virus in PC

A virus can be described as a malware that is made to infect your computer, which ultimately results in some kind of malfuction. A virus can be created multiple ways, if you are a windows user then you yourself without any coding knowledge can create a virus. And, more importantly, you also don't need any ...

Create A Game With Notepad Codes On Your PC

We all love to play games, whether it's racing, shooting or strategy based. But how many of us have ever tried to create their own games. The percentage will be very short, nonetheless, if you are really interested in making one then I will urge to keep reading. Now, I am sure you are aware of ...