Facebook Messenger Alternative for iOS Device: iPhone/iPad

Facebook has undoubtedly grown to be the most appreciated and popular application of this time. A large number of the crowd depends upon the Facebook for socializing. With great features, that are not necessary to discuss here as you know lots about it, the application is still now grabbing the attention of many. The messaging part of the application has taken a new form in the name of Facebook Messenger. But, there have come up many new forms to be tried on as the Facebook Messenger Alternative for iOS.

Facebook Messenger Alternative for iOS

It is true with Facebook that it eats up a lot of your data charges. So, to get rid of the issue and also for some add up features you may opt for the alternatives available for the messenger app of Facebook. In here, I have listed out some of the best alternatives available for running smoothly on your iOS. Getting those messaging app will not only save your data for other important uses but will also open the gateway of enjoying the joy of socializing.

Facebook Messenger Alternative for iOS: 4 Best Alternatives

The below-listed alternatives of the Facebook Messenger have proved to be the best service provider. The service does not involve just the data saving, but also gives you a better access to privacy, battery longevity, in-app services and lots more to be added. So, scroll down the page for better know-how on the alternatives of the Facebook Messenger for your iOS.

1. Puffin

Puffin is a site designed absolutely for using Facebook on your mobile phones. The app works just exactly in the same manner as your Facebook app would work on your devices. The difference is the data consumption capacity, great performance during high internet traffic and lots more. Puffin does provide an inbuilt power access to your Facebook id. So, you do not have to log in to your Facebook id via any web browser or by the Facebook app. As it won’t make any sense then. Facebook Messenger Alternative for iOS

2. Swype

Swype is actually a cool but extremely protective app for messaging. Well, you can use the app just not to access the messaging part but you can also enjoy a great access to your profile even. This thus facilitates you low data usage and some customizable features like blocking images to save data and lots more. The app also lets you set a password pin or even the fingerprint. So, in a way the application is safe and really smooth to handle and use.

Facebook Messenger Alternative for iOS

3. Facebook Messenger Lite

Facebook Messenger Lite is the light diet version of the concerned app. In here, you get to access all the facilities available in the messenger app but with low data consumption. Also, the app works really well in low internet speed areas and also then when there is huge traffic on the internet. Getting the app is not that hard as it is available in Apple Store and also in Google Play Store. So, get access to the light version to surf more and enjoy more.

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4. Trillian

Trillion is one of the best option available as an alternative of the Facebook Messenger. Moreover, the app provides a roof to not only the concerned messaging app. But, there are lots of other applications that you can use via the application. The names being – Whatsapp, Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo, etc. Operating the app is absolutely easy as you simply need to make an account in Trillion. Just after the account formation, you may select the app that you want to access via the Trillion.

Facebook Messenger Alternative for iOS

So, here lies the four best Facebook Messenger Alternatives for iOS. You can enjoy messaging now with great consistency and speed by choosing out any from the list of many. What are you waiting then? The problem solvers are in front of you got displayed, pick any of the above and enjoy the fun of messaging and socializing in an absolutely new way.

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