How to get more Views on YouTube

YouTube is the biggest video search engine for searching and watching your desired videos online. Here you will get a variety of videos regarding all perspectives as you wish. Not only that, you can even upload your own videos and can create your own channel for the viewers. But do you know with the help of YouTube you can even earn money and can even become famous?

Increase views on Youtube

There are many people across the globe who are using this medium to earn money or to get huge publicity. By using YouTube many stars were born. Now the question is how they manage to make it large. The answer is by getting the maximum number of views. So, today I will be discussing how you can get good viewership or how to get more views on YouTube.

Steps to get more Views on YouTube:

Listed below are the steps which will help you to get more views on YouTube easily.

  • By Providing appropriate Video title and description:

The first and the foremost step will be providing an appropriate title and description about the video which you want to upload so that viewers can understand what you want to show them. Here you can use an attractive title which can attract many people. But before providing proper title and description remember the title should be short and appealing which will ultimately grab the attention of many people.


  • By Sharing the Video wisely:


Sharing your videos is the best way to get the maximum viewership of your video. Whenever you upload a video the first and the foremost step will be sharing the video. Remember you should start the sharing as soon as you upload it if you delay in sharing the video it won’t get good viewers rate because love new videos instead of old ones. For sharing you can use email as a medium to share the video. You can email the video to your family, friends, or others and also tell them to share the video. It will ultimately spread the video and help you to get a good viewer rate.

Not only by email you can even use the social media platforms to share your videos as social media is one of the biggest platforms to communicate with each other and make your videos viral. Some of the social media includes Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc which will ultimately help you in increase the viewership of your video. You can even use Google plus or Twitter to share the videos. You can even take the help of blog or website which can help you to promote your video if you do not have a blog or a website take help from the one who is having. Sharing is the vital stage for higher viewership of your video.


  • By editing your video:


By doing a proper editing you can elevate the quality of your video which can ultimately help you in increase of the viewer rate of your videos. You can add some attractive music which will appeal a new touch to your video. Many have been using this strategy to elevate the quality of their video. Not only by adding music you can even add some text on your video for example if you have created an education based video you can add some note for a better explanation or can even add some signs like arrows to point out some of the important things.

You can even add links for more description about the subject you are discussing. Always use a blooper at the end of the video so that the viewers can find you always try to give some extra at the end of the video which will attract many people.

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  • By adding Subscribers:

Subscribers are the backbone of your video or channel you are posting on YouTube. More the subscriber more the viewers which ultimately helps you in boosting your video. There are many people who promote their videos and always say them to subscribe their channel which will ultimately help them to promote their videos.

The more the subscription of your channel the more hit your video gets. You must have noticed many YouTube videos continuously say to subscribe their channel this is nothing but to promote their channel. Not only subscription the more likes your video gets the more rating your video achieves. You can even leave a comment below the video which will also describe about the quality of the video.

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  • By Purchasing Views:

You can even purchase Likes depending upon the account. It will help you to increase the viewership of your account which will ultimately help in increasing of the viewership ratio of your video. There are many people across the globe who are using this strategy to increase the viewership ratio. Though this process is against the terms and conditions of YouTube but it can be used to increase views and promote your video.

  • By Creating Unique Videos:

This is another vital stage to increase the viewership of your video. If you can create a video which is unique and trendy it will obviously get the maximum views as people want to know more about this subject in detail. Now it depends upon you how you present the video. Try to create the video more attractive and catchy and not confusing which maximum of the video do.

Make it as simple as you can so that all kinds of viewers can understand your video which will ultimately help you in an increase of the viewer ratio of the video. You can easily get many YouTube channels which are using this strategy you can even take reference from them and can apply on your videos too.

These are some of the strategies which will help you to get maximum viewership ratio on your YouTube video. Many People across the globe are using this strategy to increase their views now it is your turn to use this formula. These strategies are very useful and work very efficiently. Though it is not compulsory to use only these strategies you can even use your own desire way which can increase the viewership ratio of your video.

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