Hot Android Games You Must Try: Best Quest Games for Android

Hot Android Games you must try! No matter how old we are, but when it is about playing the games; we won’t hesitate. And having an Android device with the latest graphics technology, you can play the easy, clean and best game on your smartphones too! There are so many latest game with Advance technology like the Virtual Reality and MMO games. You can now experience various kind of Xbox or PC like games even on your Android device. And the best part of this is- Android games are mostly free to download and enjoy playing online for absolutely free of cost.

If you are a gamer and looking for some awesome games, then you must also check on the Android top games for your Phone. Here in this article below, we are going to bring you games which are related to the role-playing game, Sports, Strategic and much more.

Hot Android Games you Must Try

1. Oceanhornhot android game

OceanHorn is an adventurous role playing game which enters into a mysterious island and the journey begins. There are dangerous animals, puzzled quest and much more. Besides the gameplay, the graphics are also to be noted. This game has a cool gaming graphics which is awesome to play in your Android Smartphone.

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2. Hearthstone

hot android game

Hearthstone is one of the popular card games, which you can unleased monsters and wizards on this game. All the player have to access to hundreds of cards, build decks to which they will face duel, and also play with online opponents. This is a very interesting game which has warcraft moment to enjoy on Android phone.

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3. Clandestine: Anomaly

hot android game

This is a reallocation Virtual reality game where you have to defend your real world from the incoming virtual alien invasion. Once the game started, you will see a bunch of alien coming into your city via air to take over your city. Now you will have to destroy the invading aliens using your phone. This is a free game and available in Google play store.

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4. Real Strike – 3D AR FPS App

hot android game

Real Strike is another Cool AR game for giving you the real arena and experience the real war like game on your smartphone or tablets. This is a 3D game which you can have fun with virtual reality gun and weapon. The main target of the game is the virus or pest which are releasing from the pool. This pest must be eliminated to win the game.

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5. Ingresshot android game

This is a mysterious game which will make you feel like the Inception (movie) like situation. Ingress is created by Niantic Inc. whose main focus is to pursue some unknown energy coming from a real world. Once you open and start the game, you will get plots of a route in which you have to keep on finding the source of unidentified energy. And this is a secret project which you have to find out the solution, come together with other people communicate to solve the quest. This is an investigation game, which your intelligence will be put to test to complete the quest.

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So these are the complete details for the best hot Android game you must try. They are all free to download and easily available on Google Play store. All you have to do is download the game now and experience the best game right now.

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