Shortcut Virus Remover | How to Remove Shortcut Virus from Pendrive/PC

#Throughout this article, I will guide you to use Shortcut Virus Remover CMD, Trojorm Removal Tool, and more Techniques. 

#This Tutorial Guide will show you How to Remove Shortcut Virus in Windows 7/8/10 as well your Pendrive.

It is a very recent incident, one of my friends wanted to take some important files from my computer. At soon as I inserted his Pen Drive into my computer, all kinds of problems started appearing.

His drive was full of shortcut viruses, and there was no time that I could remove the pen drive before those shortcut virus started spreading. Neither he was sure about where he got those viruses!

Luckily, I had some ready-made solutions right in my bucket to delete shortcut viruses in Windows PC and Flash drive.

shortcut virus remover

Tutorial: How to Remove Shortcut Virus from PC/Pendrive

It took me nearly a minute to permanently remove shortcut virus from my computer, as well as from the pen drive. But, if you don’t have the right tool or solutions, your days are going to turn into nightmares.

So, how did I possibly remove Shortcut Virus from my PC, you might wonder.

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Matter of Fact, there are many ways; precisely, most people have encountered Shortcut virus issues at least for once. And, many are out there are looking for an effective Shortcut Virus Removal Tool that is worth trying.

Such concern by a huge number of people inspired me to write down this article today, about most useful tweaks and tactics with Shortcut Virus Remover. Before we run into the shootout field, let’s get to know about this Shortcut Virus better.

What is this Shortcut Virus Thing Exactly?

Well, this a Virus doesn’t have any proper definition yet. It seemed to be a modern shit coded and designed brilliantly. There are several types of the Shortcut Virus. Most common ones are File or Folder type Shortcut Virus, and Flash Drive Shortcut Virus. These viruses are like to be a combination of Trojan and Worm viruses.

remove shortcut virus

Where Has it Come From?

Have you ever wondered where did you get those creepy pieces of stuff so-called Shortcut Viruses? Well, it might have gone unnoticed, but there could be one or more ways through which, those Shortcut viruses reached to your computer system or a Flash drive. Pointing some of those ways out-

1: You might have downloaded a .exe file from a site which contains such malware elements.

2: You might have connected your computer device with a Pen Drive or Flash Drive that contains malware.

3: Same could be happened to your Pen Drive, if attached to a Computer device that contains Shortcut Virus.

What is it Cooking on This Planet?

These Shortcut Viruses are more dangerous than you could ever imagine.

Malfunction: In the early stage, the virus does not show much of its action, you might have ignored it and get fooled by it. Over the time, it spreads like a plague all over the computer system, sparing nothing from its malicious action. Generally, you can see your files and folders turned into shortcuts. Let’s get detailed info on its malfunctioning tactics.

Creating Drive Shortcut: 

Once your Pen Drive or any similar Removable Drive is corrupted, the Shortcut Viruses seemed to be turning the entire Drive into a shortcut icon. It does not affect only on the removable drives, but your External Drive and Internal Hard Drives are also not secured.

Once the entire drive is turned into a shortcut, there is no other option left for you but clicking on the Shortcut Drive to get the required contents from inside the drive. As soon as you have clicked the infected Shortcut drive, the virus will be executed and spread all over the computer system without notifying you.

Creating Folder Shortcut:

By the time Shortcut Viruses corrupt your PC or removable drive, they would be turned into shortcut items. While clicking on those shortcut folders, it does not expose the original files, as the virus has hidden it. The original files reside in their respective places, but you can’t simply reach to them. Your original files would just be using storage spaces but not of any usage.

In case of Media file, you won’t be able to watch your desired movies or listen to songs if the media files are hidden inside shortcut folders.

Creating Shortcut Files:

It can be unfortunate if such virus corrupts your important software .exe file. Your desired execution file would not be working its proper work, and you may not get your software installed on your PC. Or, at any means if you have successfully installed the corrupted software, trust me, you would not like to run that software application on your computer.

So, by any means, it has been necessary to remove shortcut virus as fast as possible from your computer and the flash drives as well. That would be the only way to reach to your important files or folders and to secure your important/secret data from greedy techno-hands or being lost permanently.

Shortcut Virus Remover – The First Aid To Shortcut Virus Corruption

The Shortcut viruses are brilliantly programmed, and it has been improved over the time, targeting modern devices and files. Ultimately it is hard to detect or remove these types of viruses from PC computers and Flash Drives using a standard antivirus.

Hence, you may get used of few First Aids to prevent a deeper effect of Shortcut Viruses.

1: Do avoid opening of any Flash Drive or Portable Drives via its Autorun option.

2: Do avoid opening those portable drives from My Computer either.

3: Try opening all kind of portable drives manually, instead of  Double-Clicking on it. Click Right Mouse Button > and then click on “Explore” option.

4: Lastly, delete Shortcut Virus by following Ultimate Shortcut Virus Remover methods and tools.


How to Remove Shortcut Virus From Laptop or Flash Drives?

Alright, it’s time for Turkey Shoot!

You might be familiar with many Antivirus tools or software available out there. Ironically, everyone will initially suggest you use any of those Anti-viruses.

But, you must not forget, each Antivirus Program has its specific potential to detect and kill a particular type of Computer Virus. So, you must pick the right barrel to shoot the right Turkey, got it?

And then again, it would be much of time-consuming to get the perfect Antivirus software for your device, neither those programs come for free. You need to buy them, Install them, and run them. Too much of time to take.

So, as a first shot, why don’t you try out few powerful methods to remove Shortcut Virus instead of using any Third-Party tool?

Well, of course, I am here with all the best rounds picks just for you. Load up, which gives the best shot.

Round 1: Using CMD as Shortcut Virus Remover

Your system Command Prompt could be essential equipment in shooting down Shortcut Viruses from your computer system, and Flash Drives as well. The CMD works like a Wolf that follows your command, sneaks all over the computer system, and hunt down the culprit.

Enter codes as you command and the CMD will be working on it and providing a satisfying output.

So, to find out and shoot out those shortcut plagues, you need to take the following steps.

1: Insert the infected USB Drive into your PC. Then, open Command Prompt as system Administrator.

2: Click “Start Menu”  > Go to the Search box and type “cmd” > Hit “Enter”. [ In the Alternative way, you may press “Window+R” together > Type “cmd” in the Run box > Click “OK” or hit “Enter]

shortcut virus remover cmd

Shortcut Virus Remover CMD

3: Type the below-given codes, or Copy-Paste in the Command Prompt window and hit “Enter” key to run the code.

ATTRIB –H –R –S /S /D H:*.*  

How to remove shortcut virus in Windows 7

Note: In the above code, do change the letter ‘H’ and place as your Flash Drive’s letter, if any. The letter ‘H’ is just an example here.


Round 2: Use Coded .bat file as Your Shortcut Virus Remover

Another effective method to remove shortcut virus from a corrupted computer system is the proper execution of the .bat file. Below here is the steps to get it worked in removing shortcut viruses from any device.

1: Open your Notepad file.

2: Copy-Paste the codes given below into the blank Notepad.

@echo off

Attrib –h –r –a /s /d H:*.*

@echo complete

shortcut virus removal tool

3:Save” the file with .bat extension name.

  • Go to “Save As” from Notepad file.
  • Change the File Type to “All Files”.
  • Name the file with .bat (example.bat)

how to remove shortcut virus from PC permanently

Note: In the above code, do modify the letter ‘H’ and place your Flash Drive’s letter, if any. The letter ‘H’ is just an example here.

Round 3: Shoot down USB Shortcut Viruses by VBScript File

Before the Shortcut Plague spreads over into the Core of the Computer System (C: Drive), you need to shoot it down before it’s too late.

I am referring VBScript file for, it’s very light in weight, much easy to use, and can get your job done in a very short period.

Do not get misled by thinking that VBScript is software. Well, it is a script with encoded commands to detect and delete Shortcut Viruses from your Computer System.

Here is the step-by-step instruction to get the best use of “VBScript: The Shortcut Virus Remover”.

1: Download the VBSrcipt file from a reliable site.

2: After complete downloading of this light weight script file, Run it on your PC.

3: After a while, a Pop-Up dialogue box will appear. Click “OK” to proceed.

4: Again, after some more moment, the Pop-Up window will show up. This will repeat for about 4-5 times, and you will need to keep clicking on “OK” option.

So, that’s how you will run the VBScript as your shortcut virus remover tool.

Round 4: The Combo of Trojorm Removal Tool + Fix Folder

Trojorm Removal Tool, which is coded by Archie Mercader is designed to run and detect shortcut viruses in your computer system automatically, fixing them off, and recovering the original files on their respective places.

Fix Folder is a program that contains a single loop, coded to fix all kind of shortcut virus corrupted files. The Fix Folder works better in combination with Trojorm Removal Tool.

Trojorm works like an antibiotic to prevent the further infection, while Fix Folder helps in healing the wounds. So, how would you use this combo pack of recovering power?

1: If you see an infected Shortcut Drive, do not double-click to open it. Just Copy the Trojorm Removal and paste it into the corrupted drive by opening it via “Explore” option.

  • Copy Trojorm Removal.
  • Right-Click on corrupted Drive.
  • Click on “Explore”.
  • Paste the Trojorm inside the Removable Drive.

2: Next, Copy-Paste the Fix Folder into the Corrupted drives in the same manner.

3: Now, Right-Click on the Fix Folder, and choose Notepad to open it.

4: Then, change the ‘H’ letter as it in the corrupted drive, if any. Save it.

5: Now, Run the file.

The combo virus killing machine will be doing its job automatically fixing your shortcut files and folders.

The Final Round: USB Fix – Get the Biggest Killing Machine

If you are not satisfied with those scripted tools or first Aids, it is time to Release the Beast! UsbFix is specially programmed to track down and kill all kind of Shortcut Virus from your Computer or Flash drive.

Trojorm removal tool

It is a free shortcut virus remover software, that can fix various infected drives and devices like Flash Drives, USB external HDD drives, Smartphone storage, and  Digital cameras.

The software is pretty lightweight, which means it can be downloaded pretty fast and used in recovering your desired files from infection.

In, addition to that, UsbFix offers an user-friendly interface. So, you may get your shortcut virus shoot out flawlessly. So, How to command this beast?

1: Download the UsbFix file from its Official Site.

2: Connect the infected external drive to your Computer.

3: Launch the Antivirus tool, and it will be automatically scanning the viruses.

4: After the complete scanning process, it will ask you for a further option. Now, proceed to Delete the viruses.

5: Once the shortcut viruses are completely removed, Restart your system right away.


These are the most effective tactics and Killing Machine you could use while encountering Shortcut Viruses in your Computer or Flash Drives. Again, I am suggesting you keep in mind the First Aid of Shortcut Virus Remover.

And of course, don’t just take it lightly if you face any Shortcut Virus, neither freakout. Just keep calm and use these tactics to remove Shortcut Virus from PC permanently.

Also, always stay alerted while hovering over the Internet as many malware can reach your system from Internet too. Whether to watch free movies online or downloading files from Internet, use only the trusted sites.

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