Top 5 Best Messenger Alternative: You Must Try it For instant messages

We all use Facebook messenger to stay connected with friends and also to get instant messages, but sometimes Facebook Messengers app slows down and also it decreases phone battery life. If you are also facing the same problem by using Facebook messenger app and looking for some alternative apps then stick to this post to know the best alternative Messenger apps.

Messenger Alternative

You may have used Facebook messenger for several times but beyond that,  if you want to try some alternatives of Facebook messenger then below we have chosen some of the best alternative messenger apps to give it a try by downloading it to get instant messages and stay in touch with your friends.

There are many alternative apps of Facebook messenger among that we have chosen some of the best apps which will save your battery life and also it will work faster than the Facebook messenger.

Best Alternative Facebook Messenger Apps

If you are bored enough of using the same messenger for your device again and again then use some alternatives of the messenger by choosing it from the post given below.

1.      Skype

Skype is one of the best apps that you can replace it with the Facebook messenger. It is a global messaging tool where you can text, send voice and video messages, emoticons, documents etc, with your friends. Not only that it also supports group video calls and voice conference through which you can stay in touch with your friends at a time. Through Skype, you can connect Facebook and also can see the contact list of your Facebook friends. You can download Skype on various platforms like Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and tablet.

Messenger Alternative

2.      WeChat

WeChat is also similar to Skype where you can text, send voice and video messages. Also, you can do free video calls with your friends. WeChat also allows you to connect with Facebook by logging in with a Facebook account to see the contact list of your friends. You can run WeChat on PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, And on Windows.

Messenger Alternative

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3.      Trillian

It is one of the communication tools through which you can simply keep in touch with your friends. Trillian supports multiple Facebook account where you can easily contact with your friend not only that it also supports Chat roaming through which you can continue your chatting process with your friends, families from any place or country. It works on various platforms like iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac.

Messenger Alternative

4.      Telegram

Telegram is the safe and fast messaging apps that you can replace with Facebook messenger app. It keeps you secure from hackers and also it is known as one of the safest messaging apps in all over the world. Here you can do group chats up to 5000 members. It also allows you to send files, documents and can save it on cloud storage. Telegram runs in Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and on Windows phone.

Messenger Alternative

5.      Facebook Messenger Lite

Facebook messenger lite is also one of the alternatives messenger apps. Through this app, you can send instant messages, stickers, voice messages etc. It supports voice calls and offers core features from a messenger who will help you to share pictures, links etc. Facebook Messenger lite will help you to save battery life and this app runs in Smartphone, Windows, and Mac.

Messenger Alternative

We all want best messaging apps to chat and stay in touch with friends. But to the text we need good messaging apps so; if you’re not satisfied with Facebook messenger then above we have listed some alternatives apps of the messenger.

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If you are facing problems in searching best and popular alternative messenger apps then see the list given above download anyone of your choice and start using it by texting, sending voice and video messages with your friends and stay in touch with them, not only that the above mentioned messaging apps also allows sending files and documents. Hurry to get it first on your device, computer etc.

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