Top Song Download App for Android and iOS Devices

With song download site, song download app is also becoming trendy for a smartphone. Mp3 download apps are more handy regard downloading music on the go. Hence, people are preferring music downloading app on their smartphone/tablet rather than a website.

It just because some of the free mp3 downloading sites contain disturbing ads, broken link, phishing links and much more that can ruin your download experience. And also, for music downloading website you have to depend on your browser, which is you don’t need with a song download app.

There is also one downside of song downloading Apps. It is such that the Apps are not so much available comparing to the downloading sites. Ultimately, if none of my suggested Apps gain your interest,

Ultimately, if none of my suggested Apps gain your interest, you can still have some Free Mp3 Download Sites that are reliable and bug-free.

However, for music downloading website you have to depend on your browser, which is you don’t need with a song download download app

So this is why apps for music download for a smartphone is going popular, and you get a long list of those apps. This article is meant for top song download app for Android and iOS device. You will be able to download music with my shortlisted best apps for music download.

Get your favorite music instantly without requiring a browser to download. So let’s see those mp3 download apps for Android and iOS device in details.

Top Song Download App for Android and iOS Devices

Installing these apps on your smartphone will be easier making your own music collection with no issues. Here is the list of those apps that you would like having on your Android and iOS device.


No need to introduce this name, as this one of the most popular apps for the music lover. 4Shared is a favorite hub for music freaks, where you can stream and listen millions of music. This app is available downloading for both iOS and Android devices for free in their respective app market. 4Shared also called as the best app for songs downloads so, it can give you all desired music to download on the go.

SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader:

With this app also let you download all available songs for free. This app is not available to download from Google Play Store but you can get it from app hosting sites or apps, and it’s free to use on your Android device. Apart from song download, it also allows you are listening online. It does have a handy search tool for instant search of your favorite music for online music streaming and download.


This name should not be new to you, as this is again one of the most apps for music stream. It does have one of the biggest music database, where you can find your favorite music easily. Yes, this excellent music app also let you download music for free. Download SoundCloud for free for your Android and iOS device and enjoy free music download with this app.SoundCloud for song download

Google Play Music:

When it is about music, you can’t ignore Google Play Music. Google always try to put decent touch on their product and this music is not exceptional. With this Google Play Music, you get millions of music collection to match your requirement. The app is free for both Android and iOS and may don’t know this is a song download app. But it varies from the country, check if it supports in your country if it does then you’re lucky.

Advanced Download Manager:

Actually, this app is a tool for downloading any file for your desired link. The app is also known as ADM and a good tool for song download and other downloadable files. To use this app, you have to paste your download link or music link, and it can boost your download speed. So, this is a good song download app in a faster way that you have on your device.

For music focused people song download app is like important app for their smartphone. Hence, I have listed out top music download apps for your Android and iOS device for those music lovers. And also, I have described all about those apps, get your desire app now so that, you can experience a better way of music download with song download app.




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